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December 2011

Happy Holidays

December 2011 News:

*A Memorial
*The Power of Playing

*Happy Holidays


A Memorial
Last year we created a memorial on our land to remember the children lost to us and others. Here is a photo of this playful structure:


Everyone of us has lost someone dear to our hearts, through death or other circumstance. Even if they are still alive - no longer having a relationship with them can make us unhappy.

Each day when we look outside, we see these kids playing and remind ourselves of our own children and grandchildren, happy and full of joy. That's how we choose to remember them all. The little girl off to the side is pouting and watching. Sometimes that is how we all feel - we just want to play with the ones we love the most.

The Power of Playing
Research, both medical and emotional, has shown that our ability to play determines how we relate to our world and to those we share it with. Play creates a space where we can be exactly who we are, innocent and open like children. When we are in that space - we are the closest reflection to Source. This is the reason we encourage everyone to play for at least 3 hours each week, to let go of whatever or whomever is bothering you and surrender to the whimsy and joy of that moment.


Remember that loving yourself first is the best step to happiness with others. Learn to be present in the moment by working with the energetic clearing technique.

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Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy


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