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December 2010:

A Wish for Change
and A Holiday Challenge

December 2010 News:

* The New Quan Yin Book is here!
* A Wish for Change

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* A Holiday Challenge

*The New Quan Yin Book (by Nancy Nester) is here:
It's almost like giving birth - the completion of a book that has been in the heart and mind for such a long time. Now it has arrived. 'The Independent Self' contains the history and myth of the Eastern Goddess of mercy and compassion. As part of her teaching, Quan Yin aids in bringing about balance of the masculine and feminine within our human self. Together with Quan Yin's sacred gates for self-empowerment, this book brings you ancient wisdom and esoteric writings to come to your own center-point.
(if everything is not yet posted to the book page link, please visit it shortly)

*A Wish for Change
We received a message on our office phone: the individual said they hoped we were happy, making all the money we were making, like the pope. It left us feeling a bit odd... and then the question came: do people really feel that way? Yes, we are a 501 (c) charities/spiritual organization and all the money made goes directly there. No, we don't make nearly the same money as the Catholic Church - or even other 'churches' for that matter.

Ken: That got me to thinking even more: What if I was the pope? What I would do if I was pope? On the first day, I would allow birth control and teach people about being healthy.

(I was once in Mexico City at a large Catholic church and watched as a woman crawled to the church with ten small children walking behind her. The thought occured - could she care for them? Could she feed them? Could I? Could you?) I think every Church ought to teach members of their congregation how to be healthy and take care of themselves in every way - not just spiritually. That would help people help themselves, give them a better sense of empowerment and help bring change in their lives.

Then I would allow women to become priests and allow all priests to marry. So I think that's enough for my first day. There are about twelve more changes at least that I would make if I were pope.

With those changes, on my second day as pope I would be assassinated for being a heretic. Probably about 100 years later, I'd be canonized for being the best 24-hour pope the church ever had. There are about one billion catholics that would say it's a good thing that I am not the pope. Really, I think it's hard enough just being me - in a world that wants me to be more like them. So the question for you is: if you had a wish that could change the world, would it matter what happened to you?

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You will find this button on our home page and shortly on other pages throughout both websites. Please remember that all donations keep this newsletter coming each month, provide scholarships and free personal sessions to those who need, and help to continue the many projects of Clear Light Arts, ADL and the Institute itself. You can also click here now and provide a holiday gift from your heart.

*A Holiday Challenge from Nancy:
This season is my favorite for really one reason: kindness and generosity. People generally act more loving, their attitudes are kinder and there is a true sense of giving to others. The anticipation and spirit of Christmas brings joy to the hearts of so many people, allowing them to feel blessed just to be alive.

Then the New Year begins and old patterns emerge. The spirit of this season is forgotten. So I offer a challenge to any of you brave and courageous enough to take it on:

Hold within your heart a space for kindness, gentleness and compassionate acceptance. Pick one day in January (keep it secret to yourself). Think of that day as your day of blessings. Really get into the spirit of Christmas as that day approaches. Be kind, gentle, loving, giving and compassionate with others - just as you do at Christmas time. Do the same for each month, keeping the same date you chose for January.

Now - if each one of us chooses a different date of the month, and we each carry forward the spirit of blessings, compassion and joy - each of us would find ourselves in a much happier world. It won't really be hard because we will have Christmas one day each month and the feelings and spirit for many days before and after. Everyone else has a different day for the same reason - and all of us benefit.

And to keep you reminded of being blessed at all times, watch this short yet beautiful movie made by the Blessing Community.

Thanks for reading. We wish you a joy and peace-filled Holiday season. Do something you love to do - just for yourself.

Ken and Nancy


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