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October 2010 Newsletter:

Changing Times

October 2010 Newsletter:

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*Fear and Changing Times

*The Bottom Line: Love

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*Fear and Changing Times
We've been getting a lot of emails, session questions and calls that ask why people around us are changing. The most out of control feelings we might have is when a loved one, or person you are with, changes the way they feel about you. It brings up so many fears - rejection, abandonment and disappointment to name a few. Perhaps you might even be angry at yourself because you just became aware that the other person feels differently about you than you had thought.

Sometimes the answer arrives that the individual was jealous or afraid of you. There might be a medical problem that interferes with their emotional stability - like depression, stress, serious illness... As we age, changes in our memory affect us and everyone else. Some people just want to feel more in control, so they change things or people around them to help themselves feel better.

Personally, we have been disappointed and saddened when age brings such forgetfulness about the love and affection we felt was shared in the past with someone else, even family members. The memories and emotions have been forgotten, as if the experiences were just erased from time itself.

As time changes and people change, we find ourselves asking if we really knew 'them' or they really knew 'us' in the way we thought. It might surprise you to know that the majority of individuals in your life actually think of you differently than you think of yourself. Some even hold onto a memory of you from when you were young. You have changed and they still remember you the way you used to be.

And when your beliefs, your truths are different than someone else, others can become fearful of you. Their understanding of life is not the same as yours and they must hold on to their reality with all their might. After all, who would they be without their own ideas?

Both of us have lost friends and some members of our own family because we are unique and remain true to ourselves. That actually takes some people outside their comfort zone of understanding. We just can't be how or who they think we ought to be. Like mismatched puzzle pieces, we just don't seem to fit in as well as we would like.

Do we fit into different metaphysical circles?
No, for there is a lot of misinformation out there;
Do we fit into the way most religions believe?
No, there is so much more to creation than they teach;
Do we fit in with the way others want to hold us?
No, because we don't believe there are limitations to the way any of us are.
Do we fit into any place that would not allow us to be who we are?
No, for we would not want to be there anyway.

Sometimes being different causes people to make judgments or projections that have a paralyzing affect on our lives and our creations. Something interesting happens when someone judges us. In that moment, all the creative and transformative energy involved is frozen. A piece of our reality becomes locked into place. Any aspect judged becomes locked into a freeze frame of reality. It's as if we are carrying around thousands of snapshots and movie clips that grow heavier each day. The particular aspect of ourselves that was judged becomes psychically welded in our life, weighted down by the opinions, thoughts and ideas of someone else. Until we can free ourselves from those projections, ten years can go by and the other person is still having the same judgment. If we were wrong then, we are still wrong now. It is apparent they have not changed.

So what happens when we change and others don't? How does that make us feel? We continue to grow and they remain stuck in their old judgments, their way of life, their 'story'. We have all seen others we know who are stuck, going down a path that won't help them yet could hurt them. They might even be destroyed by their choices and yet we can't help them. If they are ones we care about or love, it makes it even harder to let them go. By letting them go, we don't mean anything other than allowing them to be who they are. We just don't choose to stay around and watch what happens.

That's what compassion has taught us - to accept others and their choices without attempting to change them, only being available to help if and when we are asked.

*The Bottom Line: Love

So what is the bottom line in all of this? It's Love - unconditional love of self and unconditional compassion for others. When we have love for ourselves, the changes in others don't affect us in the same way, the judgments of others can't remain in our higher vibration.

The opposite of love is fear. We know fear paralyzes people. So if you know someone in fear, send them this newsletter. Tell them about the energetic clearing technique which can help them be more present-centered and come to love themselves; share with them the technique about being liquid light and remaining fluid so that the changes won't ripple so hard in their lives. Help them learn how to be less reactive to energy that hurts by using the Living Light Breath. Give them our website address so they can find more than 5,000 pages of free information and books to help themselves during these changing times.

Thanks for reading.
Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy



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*Releasing Negativity
It began on the 1st of July, 2010 and will continue until the 31st of December, 2012, for two hours each day: Ken will call all of the negativity within creation into himself, including the energy of the doomsayers about 2012.

This process of release will provide a space within everyone to become aware of a lessened sense of burden, to escape from the negative confines of their own minds and a choice to remove themselves from the negative dynamics of their lives. This release will merely create a space where energy can change form. Who knows what shape it will take? Each individual creator can choose for themselves, knowing they can help the world be a better place.

We hope that the compassion found in being One with everything - separate from nothing - will allow everyone to recognize their own Creator-ship and release the bondage of victim mentality. Perhaps by being One with all the energy on earth, we can help to balance karma in some way so everyone trapped in the 'story' of their past can be free to move or change.


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