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September 2013

Secrets of the Collective Consciousness

September 2013 News:

*Secrets of the Collective Consciousness

When we begin to put a newsletter together in order to share our ideas, it can take two or three weeks just working on explaining everything in a way that is easily understood. When it comes to collective consciousness, we’ve written a lot of information in the past. There are so many levels of awareness when dealing with the collective consciousness. We previously explained that a consciousness is energy in its purest form - continuing to collect more like energy from each individual thought, feeling and idea that resonates within the same vibration. Fear is a consciousness with billions of people giving energy to some type of fear. In our opinion, there is a consciousness for every energetic dynamic that exists.

Old collective consciousnesses from our past are attracted to us, because each consciousness believes we are its' creator. That consciousness therefore continues to follow us through our life time, knowing that we are here to balance and help it transform.

So while we've written about the importance of balancing and working with the collective consciousness, perhaps it was not really understood, for there seems to still be many spiritual teachers, schools and healers who are afraid of something that can not be seen. Last month’s newsletter addressed this. Why is it that working with the collective consciousness brings about such deep fear? It's because it represents the unknown. Collective consciousness is everything and yet - nothing. It is a pure reflection of each of ourselves that none of us can escape or hide from.

There are five things that have affected our history in some way: war, hunger, sickness, disaster and religion. It is part of our DNA memory, so we can heal or allow our past to take another energetic form. Even the simple one: 'love'- has given nearly everyone a broken heart and causes others to die alone. The collective consciousness of love/hate, love/sex, love/power & control, love/money, love/fear of being hurt, are where so many of us get stuck or trapped by our past emotional memories. It is not easy to release your past or your family's past. There are many people today still holding on to their past.

*Past Consciousness creates Present-Day Karma

We've written and taught about the different levels of awareness, shifts in consciousness and shifts in the collective consciousness. For mass consciousness, or a major shift in the collective to occur, there must first be a shift within each individual on this planet. As each person changes, shifts and heals, that energetic has a direct effect on the consciousness of the planet. In our opinion, and in the opinions of other futurists, were the collective consciousness to suddenly shift, chaos throughout the entire planet would result. That’s why shifts are subtle, not massive. Step by step, individual by individual, the collective changes, often subtly. Seeds of awareness get planted, and over time when carefully watered and tended, grow to an awareness that we are all One Spiritual Being - having a uniquely physical experience. That’s the major shift in consciousness that can and must occur. By raising our vibration, we can and do assist in raising the vibration of the planet.

In our travels, we've worked with many who are fearful they may lose themselves if change were to occur in their vibration. Think about it: if change were to occur in your life, would you always embrace it? Change - when it comes, cracks open our very zone of comfort. Change affects everything in our reality. For some of us, that's not always easy. Most people are certain about wanting to create something new - having change occur: They know exactly what they do NOT want in their lives. So, do we really know what we DO want in our lives? Can we create something entirely new without looking at what we don't want? It's often a bit fearful actually. What if we create something new, only to find out that it looks or feels just like what we have created in the past? This is the fear that can be overcome by true understanding.



Ken will be giving a workshop on the Secrets of The Collective Consciousness - the first of its' kind. The date is November 22, 23 & 24, 2013 in Helsinki, Finland. It will help those people afraid of their past or those who work with other people or family.

"I will show you how to free yourself from this old energy that now has formed into karma. There has never been a workshop like this ever given. It will give you more choices in your life to create a future different than your past. Remember, nationality of origin, culture, country and environment where you live, male/female dynamics, age, education - all of this and more play a role in the collective consciousness of which we are each a part. For thousands of years, history has been hard, sometimes even deadly. Unless we can allow these old, stuck emotions still trapped in the energy of collective consciousness to be free, we will never find that part of ourselves or our family members to find peace and wholeness.

For nearly 30 years, I have been working with every kind of collective consciousness in the world. I have seen everything, including pure evil. If you give it no energy, it cannot hurt you. I will show you how to be safe and how to keep your family and friends from harm. We will talk about levels of collective consciousness, why it is here on earth, why we are here on earth, how to become invisible to every kind of energy on earth, to change your vibration and to become free to be who you are.

Join me to learn the secrets behind the reason collective consciousness was re-created and why we are each a part of it. You deserve and your world needs different choices. "

To reserve your space and ensure your participation in this exciting workshop, contact our sponsor in Finland.

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

If you have a group interested in bringing the Secrets of the Collective Consciousness to your location, please contact us.


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