September 2009 News: The New Age is Disappearing

*The Year 2012
*Change from past Events
*Feel Free to Change

What will happen in 2012? Will the New Age disappear or cease to exist? Just as the Dark Ages, the Golden Age and many other 'ages' throughout the history of mankind, the New Age - Metaphysics - will change completely by 2012. Remember, the knowledge during this time has been given by many great authors in ways they felt we could understand. All information has been given. There is nothing new, only different ways in which we understand it.

This age has become very fearful and structured over time based upon the ideas, thoughts and beliefs of individuals involved in Metaphysics. In some ways, it has become a type of organized religion, full of danger, black magic, ETs and about a thousand other things that bring about panic or a great sense of helplessness.

There are many important individuals within the Metaphysical community that predict various events for the year 2012. If nothing happens, what does that do to the words and beliefs of those people we have called our teachers or our spiritual leaders? There are individuals who talk about destruction; there are people all over the world that say 2012 will be the end of our world.

Just as in the new millennium, the Y2K, there were many ideas, thoughts and predictions at that time of gloom and doom and even that Y2K would be the end of the world. So much fear existed that people were storing large volumes of food, preparing for the worst events to occur. Many people over the years quit their jobs and moved their residences so they would be in just the right part of the world (or the USA), when the rest of the locations would go underwater.

Based on history, it appears there have been four types of events that have changed our world: war, hunger, sickness and disaster. These events have killed more people and caused a complete change in different parts of the world.

These types of influences have been occurring for thousands of years. We've seen people max out their credit cards, knowing they will soon be taken up and away; they packed their suitcase waiting for someone or something to come and get them or save them. Soon they could no longer sit in thefield, just hoping.

The events of 9/11 became our Y2K. That had an effect on everything and began the end of the New Age. 9/11 changed everything and everyone.

We've discovered that we cannot change the world with our minds, our thoughts or even our prayers.

The financial crisis of 2008 forced many people to go into fear or chaos, yet it did a lot to re-focus millions of individuals. Perhaps that was necessary to allow for change. While we saw was happening in the economics of the world, we did not do anything about it. We knew there was something wrong because it did not feel right and we were still hoping for a miracle. Money is a powerful force here on earth.

We have seen the world change by the events of 9/11 and by the financial crisis of 2008. Has the financial crisis become our 2012?

We do know that things have had to change and a new awareness is happening to all of us. We don't think that anything destructive or bad or negative will happen in 2012. There may be many special events that will occur, as our planet has witnessed hundreds of times throughout it's history. And yes, there will still be much fear based on the ideas of people and their own reality.

We've spoken a lot about being a victim or being a reator, and we've addressed fearful thoughts only attracting more fearful thoughts. Perhaps we can't change the story that people have written for their own lives, but we can encourage others to realize how powerful their own thoughts can be.

This small book was written just to help people move into a space of choice in which they can bring about change . We hope you find the information in its pages to be helpful. As it suggests, when fear or other emotions begin to overwhelm you, first STOP*LOOK*LISTEN.

Our old teachers and leaders will no longer have the answers we think we need to save us and we will then become the new teachers of the next age. The next age will bring about an awareness that change can happen without chaos and without fear, where we will no longer need the past to provide our identity in the new moment, and where we no longer need others to remind us of who we are or who we are not. We are more now - more than who we were in the past.

So the New Age is disappearing and in its place will be the Spiritual Awareness within each of us. Others can change if they choose. That allowing will create even more change. Everything can become easier and more gentle for each person to create a new reality for themselves.

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