August 2009 Newsletter

* The Philosophy of Oneness
* One or Separate?
* My Realization of Oneness (Ken)
* Another Perspective of Oneness (Nancy)

This paper has become lengthy and so, it is divided into four parts. Until time allows you to fully read all the pages, we suggest you begin with the Third section, entitled: My Realization of Oneness (Ken) and then proceed to the Fourth section entitled: Another Perspective of Oneness (Nancy).

First Section: The Philosophy of Oneness
(Ken’s experiences from the past 5 months)

I have written many pages about Oneness and I am still not sure I have really been able to effectively share my personal beliefs and experiences. Nancy has assisted and contributed to the writing of this section.

The truth is we have no choice but to accept Oneness. If we are separate we only keep attracting separation into our life. What does Oneness mean? Heart & Soul Healing has always incorporated the philosophy that we are one with all creation – the good and the bad, the right and the wrong, the just and the unjust. And for years, we continue to experience a resistance to the acceptance of Oneness. After all, who really wants to be one with everything, including all the negativity in the world?

Before we can talk about Oneness we must talk about what Oneness is not. Whatever we are separate from actually keeps us from the true experience of Oneness. There may be only a few people that have fully accepted the truth and expansive philosophy of Oneness within their being. Many say they are One, yet they remain separate by ideas, thoughts and beliefs, by their own story, their own perception of life – their own reality. Many live in their ideas and beliefs that God is only good or only makes up a small part of our world. Either we are one or we are separate from the One, from Source, from Creator, from Higher Self, from the creative force of the Universe (commonly by some known as God).

We naturally want to remain separate from anything we fear, anything that is not good, love or light, anything that is bad, anything that our culture or religion does not like or does not trust. Why would we want to be a part of everything that has happened throughout history, or a part of a fearful future as some are predicting for 2012? How can a human admit they were a part of all creation, for they co-created everything that has ever been experienced? The problem with our past creation is that we were motivated by power and control, or what we could take – no matter what occurred. Fears from our past are very real. They have led a lot of us to create the dualities of our world. There are some experiences we would like to change or even forget for we dislike some parts of our past selves.

There are many things happening to people today, like war, killing, hunger, sickness, disease, natural disaster and all manner of humankind abuses; literally thousands of things that we would want to eliminate from our lives or at least, to place some distance from ourselves. This is where and when separation occurs.

We are either evolving or we are accidents. Evolving means we are learning, always changing, becoming more – one life time or thousand live times, how ever long it takes. We will keep moving around the wheel of life until we are one with all creation. If we continue to live a life of separation; it will become harder. The idea and belief that we are separate from God is our greatest fear. Actually, we remain separate from that part of ourselves until we can move into the space of Oneness.

What ever we are separate from we will continue to attract into our life. The challenge with human life is we are energetically built to do just that. Think about this for just a moment – how often does the same pattern occur? How many new friends or relationships actually have the same characteristics as people in our past? Remember, because we created the past, we have the ability to free ourselves from the past. Our past will then no longer hold us to our present or limit us from what we choose to create in the future. We will change ourselves. That is the only change that can occur. These are really big steps in the way we perceive our own world.

So, who do you know is actually one with everything and separate from nothing? There is no one we know – the only one we know is God. He or She has love and compassion for all creation. You see, the creator created us – we created everything on Earth. It is not until we find that compassionate God Love within ourselves that we can recognize the space of Oneness. We have not found anyone within the real world who can actually be one with everything. For people with a real life, family, a lover, kids or a job it is very hard, if not impossible to be one. No one around you would understand you. All religions and cultures only represent the separation in life. It would be easier if we lived in a cave away from others and their beliefs or ideas, or in a place that supported our own ideas and beliefs.

How long does it take to become one with everything or everyone? For many, their fear is too great to allow themselves to step into Oneness. Can you allow yourself to be a part of God or everything without limitations and with no definition or identity for yourself or anyone else on the planet? How expansive can you allow yourself to become? As humans, we have been taught to create with limitations, so how can we really be One when that space is limitless?

The world does not seem to understand. There are some who tell us what to believe, what we can do or can’t do and that results in individuals who can not trust their own selves for their own answers. There are others who will try to make us feel guilty for using our mind/heart as that driving force that looks for the truth within our self. So we shall continue to live our lives outside of ourselves until even that no longer makes sense. Different cultures, religions or ideas have made it harder to see the truth, that God has always been a part of us. Until we find that knowing within ourselves, the world will always contain duality and fear. We must live our lives with God inside us; doing the best we can to love and have compassion for all creation.

How is it possible to find Oneness in a world full of separation? Can we find this place inside ourselves? If we look outside ourselves we will never find it. Our fears keep us separate, out of the truth of Oneness. You see, our world has always been judged by what is outside us – our God, our culture, our families, the world itself. It is not until we can look inside ourselves for Oneness that we can find it. It is being one with everything. There can’t be one thing we choose to separate from ourselves. Oneness is made up of everything. It is all of the things that have ever been created by mankind throughout history. It is not until we can admit we have been a part of everything and created everything that we can find the truth of Oneness – for Oneness is really nothingness.

There is so much to the bigger picture of Oneness. If we can allow ourselves to be a part of everything, our world just became whole. Everything changes and there is no longer a need to separate ourselves from anything or anyone. When we are whole we are greater, more expansive. We are everything and we are nothing. There is no longer a need to define our self. It is more than us. We can never turn back and be separate again. When you are one it is as if you are breathing with the world and that breath is sweet and brings energy to every cell of your body. Many call this prana breath.

How big is the word Oneness? It is God, it is coming from that place where we are a part of all creation, it is always exceeding the boundaries of consciousness or awareness, it is changing each day and always allowing ourselves to expand into something else.

It would be easier to just say that this place is not alone – that we are not alone. Being a part of Creator, we are never alone again. It is a different way – a bigger picture of life and the world around us. We don’t need our past to define us, we don’t need others to define us. We are more than our past. We no longer need to recreate our past in the future. Our future is free from our past which allows us then to create anything. We have many choices.

The world around us is changing so fast that nothing makes sense any longer. We must let go of our past or it will destroy us. The space in the future has to be free from past ideas to allow for new things to come in to our life. Why should we fear the unknown? There is more to fear in recreating our past so we need to let go of how our future is to look. This space of all possibility is called choice.

It appears we take form in many life times to find Oneness of all that has ever been created. We would have to experience everything before we could have compassion for all creation. We are here to master all the limitations we have put on all creation or limitations we have put on ourselves.

There is no one who can live in an expanded world without limitations, only with compassion for all life just as it is. And in that place old ways can change into a different energy – expansive awareness or oneness.

What we trust is not necessarily what we like: it is what we survived. Experts say we trust what is familiar. Is it possible we attract to ourselves what we trust and are familiar with? All of these behaviors keep us from connecting to oneness or our true connection and from being open without limitations. Going back to old patterns keeps us from being open to new possibilities of the unknown. But it is like we are a part of a bigger live force. We get a bigger picture of awareness of all of our abilities to be without limitations – to be one with everything and everyone.

What we need to do is ask for our spiritual life to be manifested in our physical life and then sit back and wait for it to appear. It is an easy way to learn our lessons and to see a bigger picture of life. We have to have awareness in this state or it will be harder the next time our spiritual life wants to merge with our physical reality.

Oneness is a way of life, there is no other way. It is like being alive or being dead. Oneness is a part of whole of our connection to God. Now God can see through OUR eyes. We both have expanded to something else. We are more than before. We are a new being of space and time where we no longer need time to find us.

In a way it is strange how all metaphysical people will say they are one without even thinking about it. Wanting to be like others, showing they are spiritual, that they are one. What are they attracting in their lives? By saying they are one they attract anything they are separate from. It is like it intensifies their lesson one hundred times in an unfair way. They don’t know what they have gotten into. More is not better – easy is better. We must stop hurting ourselves in order to learn or we will stop learning. We are looking for that quiet place inside us. The quieter it gets the more we can trust our higher selves, the place where the real answers are.

Many people completely forgot what they have learned in the spiritual world. They fell back to sleep in the physical world to fit in. Sometimes it takes years to remember our path again. Most people I know have forgotten who they really are or what they can be.

By living in your past beliefs you will always be stuck in the past. Some people only live in future. We are more than our past. We don’t need to create our future based on our past any longer. What if we had the ability to change the past? As we heal ourselves we heal our past. If this statement is correct none of us would be healers. It is hard enough to heal ourselves, so can we even believe we can heal our past. We think of life in a linear way. This means we are healing the past and the future at all times and all places. What ever we were a part of we can heal or change.

There perhaps is no real explanation to define Oneness. Oneness is a place where there are no words – just space – a space where new things can be created without limitations of our past or our future in a linear way of being. It is a holographic place of endless possibilities where we no longer have the need to define ourselves, the place where we are nothing or everything. We no longer need a space to be in. It is between spaces where there creation is not limited by our past, a place where there is no karma or dharma, no past or future, where we are everyone and no one, free just to be in the moment.

Second Section: One or Separate?

Newsletter July 2003 by Ken Page and Nancy Nester

What our travels and experiences have shown to be true for the larger majority of people here on earth is, they do not believe they can be One with everything. There is so much ‘out there’ that we do not want to experience or accept. We do not want to feel or be a part of about 85% of what exists on earth: war, hate, anger, greed, control; all kinds of projections.

So the million dollar question is: If you are separate from one thing, are you separate from everything? Either you are One with everything or you are separate. Very few people can accept this fully. Even the majority of metaphysical teachings recommend some form of energetic protection – seeking or asking for help outside of yourself. Almost all religions and cultures of different philosophies suggest that some being outside of us can fix or save us or give us our answers. I have found that many teachers and spiritual or religious groups do not want you to be One with everything. It is what the mystery schools did not want us to know about or to practice. It was the greatest secret. There is a great power in the balance of Oneness. When you reach Oneness, no one can ever control or affect you. You are invisible to any type of projections from other people. Remember, subconsciously no one wants you to take your full power. If you do, you will no longer be the same person or react to them energetically as you did in the past. As the past changes, so does your future.

All belief structures contain the same word: responsibility. If something or someone else can step in and save us, then personal responsibility does not apply.

So, is everything a part of me? Or, am I separate from everyone and everything around me? How can I be One if I have any ideas, beliefs or judgments about anyone or anything outside of myself? The challenge I believe everyone has with ideas, beliefs and judgments is that we have used these feelings to identify who we are, and who we are not. Based upon my clients experiences, I believe that most people at this time, function from the knowledge of what they no longer want in their life. They aren’t quite sure what it is they DO want, they just know what they DON’T want. This causes feelings of separation. By only looking at what is no longer wanted, you become stuck – unable to create anything new for yourself; fearful that each new creation will only bring more of the past and more of what you do not want. You become frozen, trapped – helpless to move forward. Don’t you wonder then what the entire human consciousness of the planet is feeling? Mankind continues to create based upon what they know they do NOT want rather than what they DO want in their hearts.

We have given a lot of energy to old ideas, beliefs and judgments. We hold onto them far too long. If we don’t allow our ideas to flow into creative energy, they cause chaos either within or around us. The more ideas we have - the bigger the problem we can create. Problems begin by giving energy to an idea, then holding onto that idea until something or someone has to give. It usually affects ourselves. So, how do we release or let go of our ideas and those patterns we have so carefully constructed our whole lives? Perhaps it is more a softening of these thoughts and energetics. By allowing and creating the room (space) for other thoughts to enter, it changes our hard-line perception and creates a newer reality; providing an opportunity for greater awareness, healthier balance and a broader vision of Oneness.

One with Source
Perhaps it is in the ‘letting go’ that we allow ourselves to accept the unlimited potential of all that IS. Perhaps it is by allowing ourselves to relax our tight grip or stranglehold on our fears that we can finally feel the truth of Oneness, the inescapable reality that there is no separation - that I AM truly One, with all there is. I Am Creator.

Question: When you are One with all creation, are you One with Source? Pretty easy, right? Wrong. Here come your ideas again about Source, angels, guides, masters, violet flame protection, spiritual beings - anything outside of you; any fears or illusion will cause a problem. If you give these thoughts or ideas any energy, you will attract people who will reflect these patterns or issues.

In fact, we energetically attract to us everything we choose to separate from ourselves. Attempt to separate yourself from any feeling or energy and it will surely follow you around like a magnet. You are the one providing for that idea to maintain itself. That’s how we all evolve on a soul level. Creator does not separate itself from creation.

Are we afraid to be One because we will lose our identity, or our ‘who’ we are? Is there a need to have our separate identity? When you are One, does that mean you no longer have any individual importance? Is that the fear that creates the separation? Is that the truth that maintains the idea of individuality vs. Oneness? When you are One - nothing will be attracted to you because you do not reflect any energy back to others. When you are One, you move through all energies as if invisible; no individual essence but the combination of all essences in One.

So if I believe I am One, then the creator or creative energy sees and feels me as a perfect reflection of itself. I have the base vibration for the next dimension or vibration that acts as a catalyst for dimensional change. You believing you are One – You can be the creative catalyst for dimensional change. You can make the difference in the evolutionary change on this planet.

Oneness feels like a quiet ‘empty’ state where nothing exists. That space is so foreign to our senses, our mind immediately attempts to create something, and so our old fears and ideas rush in – filling this empty space, comforting our knowledge that we are in control. We feel more in control when there is separation. In actuality however, the more you attempt to control, the greater the separation and the larger the illusion of control. Control is the often the last illusion one can allow to be released. For much of our lives, we have felt that ‘losing control’ is not a good thing and so we remain in control, only to continue our separation from others and from Creator. Controlling everything – creating nothing new.

I know what you are thinking. “I only want to attract good, loving people”. So, why don’t you? Is our soul evolving here on earth - yes or no? If you said ‘yes’ there must be a way that each of us energetically attract individuals who can reflect our issues of what we came in to learn on our soul’s level. (power, abundance, forgiveness, etc.) How else could we have everyone on the planet evolve? Unless we continue to attract what we are to learn on a soul level, we will not grow. Our evolution does not appear to be the physical body – the ‘last physical frontier’ we have to conquer.

This experience called Life:
Each day I practice calling into myself all energy: good and bad – everything – all creation. Other teachers and groups have not wanted me to do this or share this information. This has, however, remained the focus of our work. So why is there so much resistance to my sharing this information? It’s very, very clear. If you fully accept that you are One with all and there is true balance within you and with everything else, then all other ideas or spiritual or religious teachings become challenged or useless, even the teachings of the great mystery schools.

Do you believe you are One? Is this what you are here on earth to master? I believe we each have come to earth to master all conditions placed on love and on creation. If we truly believe: I AM ONE, then nothing - no one - no energy has any power over us. We are the ones that energetically keep perpetuating our own ideas or realities. We are the creators on earth.

Is that what this experience called Life can teach us? That life as we have known it is unimportant, that all experience is a process of understanding we are One with all creation and can at will, flow into each and every living soul simultaneously by surrendering and becoming One with all?

Third Section:
My Realization of Oneness at this moment
by Ken

It has taken years to get to this place, to meet God eye-to-eye and only see myself. Oneness and compassion – two of the simplest words but almost impossible to understand. There are so many definitions to these words. It is like God feels about his or her children on Earth. It is pure love as one creator to another without judgments or limitations but with an expanded awareness of all creation. It is letting one learn in his or her way so they can understand how the creator lives in all of us, in all life, in everything.

What does it mean to open my heart outwardly – to others? It means being free to be who I am and not defined by others. Free to be anything I want. I must find a safe place to play and to be open to anything or anyone, a space of choice. Am I Jesus or Moses, Buddha or anyone else? The answer is yes. Although I have been practicing this for years, now I have a different job. I don’t know what it is but it is just me being myself. I guess that’s the only way to be. All I can be, everything and nothing, quiet and peaceful. I need to be happy and thankful for just being. Thank you, I have a lot and I am grateful within myself. I never knew how important it would be to become what I teach - which is to become open to everything and closed to nothing; to open my heart with my soul. I can just be myself, whatever that looks like. Maybe until I was completely open I couldn’t bring in or attract the abundance we have been looking for! I know we are in a flow of money and great wealth. The healing I now practice will change the world and myself. There is a possibility of everything changing. We are creating a change in the world, a new space where change can happen. This is a time where we should not look back. The future is now, there is nothing we can do about it; just focus on what we want.

Oneness is the most important understanding to find within. For me, I thought being in the moment was the part of Oneness that we had to find. Two very important teachers have recently shown me a different side to Oneness. You see, I came to realize that they could only relate to themselves and to those people and things that surrounded them and supported their ideas and beliefs. That is all they could accept in their moment. They are the real teachers – accepting nothing but themselves and what will support their own feelings. So their world is quite small – so small they become stuck in their own ideas. The important parts of their beliefs, they got from what they heard or what they read. Not being able to trust their own feelings or their own higher selves, their ideas filtered their reality until that alone became their truth. They are caught up in their own story of life and do not choose to move beyond their own ‘reality’.

Then I realized that is the same way the rest of the world is – people attracting the same types of ideas and beliefs into their lives to feel comfortable within their own world. Cultures, religions, societies, nations, places we live and work, being male or female – these all contain certain dynamics that filter connection to higher self and often put unknown limitations on our own creations. We keep our ideas and thoughts and only allow those types of ideas and thoughts that support us.

So when any individual fixed in their own ideas, thoughts and beliefs asks for help, can anyone truly help them? How do you help someone who has created their own world and it is a different world than yours?

Now as I write this, I see clearly that I am the only person who did not know that helping others with my own ideas only creates more separation. Perhaps being the last one to know is important for the consciousness to change, because I created it. I can change what I have created. I have to let go of even my own ways of helping others, including my friends. I have had to allow them to take whatever path they choose. I have no choice when it comes to helping them, even when they ask for help. Actually I never had a choice; I just did not want to believe it. It feels better to think that helping can really be helpful.

So the question for me is: why did I attract those individuals, those teachers to me when I have been writing about Oneness? Perhaps it is because the true space of Oneness is compassion – to accept that the creations of others are just that - their creations. We have to let go of the people we hold most dear to our hearts so they can change – if they choose, or not. All the time and all the energy we give to them means nothing if they really do not want to change, or if they can not change. My helping them was really only for myself. My friends were representations of my children. My experiences said I could not help my children – I thought at least I could help my friends. Now my experiences tell me different.

Its clear to me that it is time to say good by to my own ideas of helping anyone else change their ideas – to help them become more than are. Maybe it’s time to be One with no one but myself. Oneness is that part of ourselves that allows us to be more when we are ready to expand.

Fourth: Another Perspective of Oneness

Nancy’s experiences

For most of my life, my ideas and beliefs have been challenged by my own created outside and inside experiences. Experiences with separation have led me to choose more experiences of Oneness. The old adage ‘stop asking for patience, for you will only get more experiences of what patience is’ seems to ring true. I have come to embrace the awareness that true Oneness allows me to be fearless when working with the creations of others and being in the densest of energies.

We are all connected in a cellular matrix called human life. This life exists on many levels and in many forms. Everything is Creation. God is Creation. We then are one with God and one with all creation. We have experienced everything through the eyes of God and that is the perfection of Oneness. As children we naturally accept that we can explore, have joy, and be curious and open with everything and everyone. We are connected and in the space of Oneness.

It is only when we adopt human limitations, and the perspectives of other humans that we begin to move from that space of Oneness. We move into separation. We begin to believe that we are separate from God. We begin to believe that God is outside of us and therefore, we are somehow imperfect, we are sinful, we are less… That is the ‘story’ we have been telling ourselves and each other for thousands of years. It has become the fear used by societies, cultures, religions and philosophies to keep us under control. After all, if we truly believed that we were God and that we were Creators – those in power would lose their power and control over us. That is also another belief that has become the human story. So why do we continue to be separate and not reside within the space of Oneness?

As we grow from childhood, we begin to think. Thinking is the natural ability of each human. Thinking however is not reality. We begin to believe our own thoughts and that forms the story of who we are. For many years I have been teaching about the acceptance of what is ‘real’ in our lives, not the focus of what is right or wrong, just adopting the recognition that we can not argue with the reality of ‘what exists - what is’. Our reality is individually different. In previous books and newsletters, I have written about ‘duality and reality’, about ‘my story, your story’ and also ‘your truth, my truth and the truth’.

It appears we waste a lot of time arguing with the reality of others. Why do you think this happens? Words are only the ideas, opinions, perceptions, the ‘story’ of the one speaking them. I am the center of my world. I am the main character in my own life story. All the reactions to my story are only the ideas, opinions, perceptions, the ‘story’ of others. So why do we take things so personally? Why do we choose to be so separate from others? Everyone has their own version of reality. Nothing in anyone’s story can be truly adopted by another for the truth is – I only know the story that I tell myself. Others only know the story they tell themselves. Arguing with reality serves no purpose. We all create and live in our own ‘story’, our own version of the ‘way that it is’. In actuality, it is our thoughts, ideas and perceptions that create a filter to our clear connection with Oneness.

The life we live is based on what we have been told, what we think and what we experience. Our reality then becomes our truth. Yet, is our perception, our reality, our story actually true or is it only the creation of our thoughts? If my thoughts are not real, if my thoughts are full of emotions from past experiences, how many filters have I then created in my connection to Higher Self - with Oneness? That for me is the big, deep philosophical question. See, each of us has our own way of looking, of perceiving, and of experiencing our world. And each of us is perfect and right in our belief. Yet my perspective of what is true is only for myself individually and it is not your truth. My story is mine and your story is yours. We are all perfect, perfect in our own perceptions and in our own experiences – our own stories. That is the space of Oneness.

The fact that our stories are all unique is our right as humans. Attempting to have others even accept our version of reality is to create unnecessary conflict. It becomes a world of war – of power and control. “My story is right and yours is wrong. You should change your story to match my story. You should accept that I am right.”

Are we afraid to be One because we will lose our identity, or our story? When we are One, does that mean we no longer have our individual importance? Is that the fear that continues to keep us separate from each other, from all creation? When we are One – we can move through all energies as if invisible; no individual essence but the combination of all essences in One – the real truth of Source and Creator.

My Simple philosophy:
Life is short. Why waste time arguing over whether my version or your version of reality is right or wrong. The only thing any of us really know – is our own story. Love me for who I am, not for who you think I am, not for my version of reality and whether or not it agrees with yours.

I love you for who you are. It does not matter to me that your version of reality, your creation, your story is different than mine. I respect you as another Creator. I am only responsible for my own creations. I accept, love and have compassion without judgment for you, for your reality, for your story.

One thing we can do to help the reality of everyone’s story: we can accept that we as humans have created everything. This mere awareness gives us the potential to change. Just being aware that our thinking – our thoughts might not actually be real but just thoughts of our mind, can change our past experiences, the way that we have viewed our life and others in the past. That helps us heal who we think we are. It helps us to change and heal how we perceive others. We can change our world by creating a space that allows for us to change. Others may tell us we don’t have the ability to change. It is only after we allow ourselves to examine our own thinking that we can find the reality of Oneness. Then we will no longer argue with the perceptions of others. Then we will no longer react to their ‘story’. Then we can find that space within ourselves where we can become everything or nothing in the present moment. Then change can happen. This is the truth of reality. This can be the truth of our own story. This can be the space of Oneness shared with all creation.

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