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June 2011

The Red School Teachings

June 2011 News:

*The Red School
*Releasing Negativity

*The Red School

Almost 20 years ago, Drunvalo and Claudette Melchezedek had purchased the late Brugh Joy's center. Claudette was beginning a Blue School and they asked Ken to begin the Red School.  Drunvalo states that the work of the Merkaba is 'male' as it is linear, and that the Blue School teachings are 'female' as they use guided imagery and visualization. The Red School Teachings contain all the information necessary to balance every energetic dynamic in our world.

Ken did not feel the time was right, nor did he feel he was ready – there was more to understand  before undertaking the task of bringing out the truth of the Red School Teachings to the world.  Consciousness needed to shift and change.  Sharing the teachings was not to be entered into lightly.  The wisdom of the Red School teachings would be revealed only after years of experiences on the journey.

Formed from insights received in the Kings Chamber at Giza, as well as from consciousness itself, the Red School teachings encompass every energetic dynamic of life, uncovering your ability to heal anything and everything within yourself - showing you the true path to self-empowerment. They state that the last duality in our physical reality is the balance of male and female.

Now, after more than three decades of countless workshops, courses, private sessions and experiences in the dynamics of every kind of energy known to mankind, the time has come. Through our working with individual clients (normal, everyday people - not just metaphysical people), we can say:  we are ready.  It was necessary that we personally experience each of these teachings in our own lives before the full understanding and the great power that the Red School teachings provide could be revealed – an advanced path for awareness and growth through balance of the male and female, discovery of the middle path for an expanded shift, thereby changing dualities and polarities. Most importantly, these teachings allow you to find the path to wholeness and Oneness. We are confident that we can assist you in connecting with this vibration yourself - The Mastery of Creatorship. (read more here)

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy


Calendar of Events - Australia!!



We are proud to announce the formation of THE INSTITUTE OF MULTIDIMENSIONAL CELLULAR HEALING OF EUROPE. It is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The director is:
Shana Flogie of MyChi Centre (www.mychi.si). Watch both our websites for news on the classes and courses being offered. We look forward to a successful venture where many people can become self-empowered and also learn to help others.

*Releasing Negativity
It began one year ago – June of 2010.  We had received so many fearful questions surrounding 2012 that we felt we could help release the fear from people and thus from the collective consciousness; which could then return all that energy back into creative life force.  If you are reading this, you know the premise of our teachings all these years has been that of self-empowerment and the ability to change negative energy by loving ourselves.
Ken truly felt that by releasing the fears of ‘what if’ and ‘what will happen’ around 2012, there could actually be less fear so that a space could be created where individuals could find quiet and realize their choices of freeing themselves from their past. Ken’s release work was met with energetic resistance because of the enormity of the fear of others.  So many people have old ideas, culture, fears, judgments, religion, families – they are literally holding onto billions of emotions from the past – not willing or knowing how to change. 

Experience has shown that it is the resistance to change that can cause chaos.  Chaos will force change to occur and can be uncontrollable – whether we accept it or not.  Yet things are changing faster than people can adjust – their processes are backing up, crashing onto themselves and we see an intensity of massive proportions that can only attract even more chaos. 

We have seen it is the release of our past, discernment and loving ourselves that will bring about balance and change.  So how many really practice loving themselves?  Does not loving yourself translate to not loving others?  Is that what causes fear and ultimately chaos?

That’s a choice everyone has – each person on this planet has the ability to choose what they believe, what they trust, what they love and what they fear; they have the final say on what thoughts form the beliefs and judgments in their own mind.  We’ve suggested that everything and everyone ought to be questioned – for only the truth will survive.  If it is not truth, it will disintegrate. 

So why is there so much resistance and fear?  Why do you have fear inside you?  Why are you afraid of what the future will bring?  Because it is your choice, because it is what you have been taught, it is what your concept of life contains based upon past experiences.  If you wish to release fear, then do it.  Actively find someone to help you if you need assistance.

For Ken, it means he will no longer participate in the release of an energy called fear that others want to keep.  We will still assist others who choose to change and who choose to release their past – that is our choice.  We have also trained people all over the world who can help you change by releasing old energy.  Last month we suggested that you ‘get real’ for yourself.  Do your own work.  People everywhere – anyone and everyone – can change their past and be free.









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