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April, 2011

Being Clear

April 2011 News:

*Being Clear with your Future
Releasing Negativity

We have received phone calls and emails detailing how people are getting into trouble or having accidents.  It seems that so many individuals are running so hard and so fast that they are no longer focused on what they are to be doing in that moment.  We’ve also spoken before about being present – being aware of what is going around you and having a choice whether or not to be involved.  This world has lots of dramatic events going on, and we are all involved in everything.  Media coverage allows us to be aware of what is happening on a global scale.  Remember, we are usually involved in something long before we have the awareness that we are ‘knee deep’ and the ‘tide is rising’ all around us.

The reason for talking about this now is that most of us are forgetting that we are in control of our physical and emotional well-being.  We might take charge of our spiritual health; yet unless we are balanced on all four levels – physical, emotional, intellectual (mental) and spiritual -  we are out of balance.  It is important that we remain an eye within the storm around us to view exactly what is going on.  This will help us remain clear with our thoughts as those thoughts are creating our reality.

So here are some helpful hints to keep yourself on an even keel and ride out the storm in safety:

Do your best not to get caught up in the drama of other people.  Their energetic dynamic is their business – not yours.  Learn to stay in your own space while having compassion for what others are creating in their own lives.   We’ve said before that energy will go into chaos when it needs to change or take another form.  Being present in the moment reminds us not to hold onto ideas, beliefs, judgments or even thought forms from the past.  This will allow these old idea patterns to take a new form. The more we hold on to anything, the more challenging it is for our physical body. An accident is the physical manifestation of energy taking form to evolve and change. Chaos will do anything, including explode or implode. Stop giving energy to something that does not serve us any longer.  Stop worrying about things or people that you can’t change. 


Suggestions to stay healthy:

  1. Eat right, rest, and drink a lot of water.  Learn to Relax.
  2. Be physical. Follow through with hobbies and activities that will quiet your mind and get you into the moment.
  3. To help you get out of your head, ask for your spiritual path to be made physical so that you can recognize it in your daily life.  Stay aware to see it manifesting before your eyes.
  4. Do not plan or orchestrate your life more than six months ahead.  Allow yourself to be more flexible.

  1. Get focused on one thing for your future. If you get confused in daily life, focus on that one goal. your
  2. Change one thing each day that no longer ‘fits’ into your life.  This could even be a way in which you are reacting to something or someone else.
  3. Do the clearing technique. Clear, pull your energy field back – take your power back , and love what you do not like about yourself.
  4. Remember, life around us wants us to remain serious.  Practice letting go. Do something fun and play. Lighten up on yourself.
  5. Be careful and pay attention to what you are doing: driving, healing work, tasks. Do one thing at a time. Too much multitasking can create chaos.
  6. Do not push yourself so hard. Stay focused with your goals.
  7. Do your best to stay away from angry or critical people. Give yourself a rest. Don't give others your energy. Stay away from their drama
  8. Please read The Way It Works.
  9. Read our Stop*Look*Listen book

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy


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*Releasing Negativity

It began on the 1st of July, 2010 and will continue until the 31st of December, 2012, for two hours each day: Ken will call all of the negativity within creation into himself, including the energy of the doomsayers about 2012.

This process of release will provide a space within everyone to become aware of a lessened sense of burden, to escape from the negative confines of their own minds and a choice to remove themselves from the negative dynamics of their lives. This release will merely create a space where energy can change form. Who knows what shape it will take? Each individual creator can choose for themselves, knowing they can help the world be a better place.

We hope that the compassion found in being One with everything - separate from nothing - will allow everyone to recognize their own Creator-ship and release the bondage of victim mentality. Perhaps by being One with all the energy on earth, we can help to balance karma in some way so everyone trapped in the 'story' of their past can be free to move or change.







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