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March 2011

An Old Message
For a New Time

March 2011 News:

*An Old Message For a New Time
*Radio Show: 2012
Releasing Doom and Gloom

Here we are back in a country that we have grown to love. No matter where we travel, we come into contact with the same type of energy that is now global - FEAR.

We've been receiving emails and questions about the coming of Winter solstice - 21st of December 2012. The closer we come to that date, the more fear there appears to be, including predictions of doom and gloom. We have even had reports of spiritual teachers saying that a massive event will occur in which much of our planet and its' inhabitants will be destroyed on various dates which will occur even before 2012. This only spreads more fear. We've said over and over in our books, lectures, workshops and private consultations that fear only creates more fear.

Our planet is progressing on a natural cycle with recurring planetary changes. Great catastrophic events happen when great fear is projected by so many thoughts, feelings and emotions. While many of the people in our world have no idea of the differing predictions for this date, others have spoken about it at such great length that unfortunate confusion has resulted.

All of the greatest scientists, bio-physicists and engineers of the planet agree that an event of major proportion will occur on the 21 of December, 2012: a perfect alignment of our sun, our planet and the center of our galaxy. This event is actually an annual near-occurrence each winter solstice. It has been over 11,000 years since the last perfect alignment. Our friend Gregg Braden has spoken about this event as one of major significance - for outside of ourselves and within ourselves.

We recorded a radio show entitled 'The Hidden Shadow Side of 2012' - telling you everything we know and have learned about this topic. You can listen free to all our radio shows - For this topic, go to Audio group 2, the last show for 2008. We have also written two separate articles about the meanings behind this date.

This is really an old message for this new time. Remember the year 2000 in history? Back in 1997 a full chapter in 'The Way It Works' was dedicated to letting go of fear and the predictions of doom and gloom. Here is a direct link to Chapter 25 of that book.

We hope you will read the scientific data about our planetary changes, look to your inner guidance and discern for yourself the wisdom of moving forward with a positive attitude, in peace and perfect alignment with the coming time.


Ken and Nancy


Calendar of Events


The 9-day intensive course in January received so much response - we have added another 9-day course for our facility in Georgia, USA in October, 2011. Take a look at the details for this life-changing intensive.


*Releasing Negativity

It began on the 1st of July, 2010 and will continue until the 31st of December, 2012, for two hours each day: Ken will call all of the negativity within creation into himself, including the energy of the doomsayers about 2012.

This process of release will provide a space within everyone to become aware of a lessened sense of burden, to escape from the negative confines of their own minds and a choice to remove themselves from the negative dynamics of their lives. This release will merely create a space where energy can change form. Who knows what shape it will take? Each individual creator can choose for themselves, knowing they can help the world be a better place.

We hope that the compassion found in being One with everything - separate from nothing - will allow everyone to recognize their own Creator-ship and release the bondage of victim mentality. Perhaps by being One with all the energy on earth, we can help to balance karma in some way so everyone trapped in the 'story' of their past can be free to move or change.







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