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February 2019

Channel Updates!

February 2019 News:

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who follows Clear Light Arts, ADL and Heart & Soul Healing on our YOU TUBE CHANNEL where Ken provides insights and free teachings on healing yourself and your family.

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Coming soon: WEEKLY VIDEO CLASS. Ken will be sharing each week a new YouTube video with insights on helping yourself heal - and on helping your family. SUBSCRIBE - tune in each week and then - contact us with any questions you have about the class you just watched. Ken will be answering your questions on the YouTube video the very next week!

Are you curious about hypnosis? Ken (a trained, certified hypnotherapist) will also be providing information and details gathered over his last 30 years of practice.

It is good to be informed, so we have choices in life.
Energy consists of thoughts, ideas, opinions, judgments and all manner of emotions. Projections of energy are then placed on people/things/areas...

For years we have stressed that energy is everywhere and the
only way to deal with it is to stay in balance.

Your Higher Self is a part of Source. It is vital that you become lighter in your own vibration. Life then gets easier as you become invisible to old patterns. Loving yourself is the first place to start - using the Energetic Clearing Technique.**

Become Liquid Light Technique **- the truth contained within your cellular being - and avoid the projections of others.

Change the Vibration of your Name Technique-** avoid the opinions, judgments, thoughts and feelings (projections) of others.

The next best way out is to become more sensitive and less reactive to energy. Move away from your emotions by first centering in your hara point (with the Living Light Breath **), to heal your lower three chakras and develop subtle senses so your normal senses will not become overwhelmed. You can then activate your pineal gland to feel and experience the total expansiveness of your own universe, healing your very DNA. You will then move back to center in your heart in a safe way.

**All four (4) clearing techniques are demonstrated on the YouTube channel. Ken walks you through how to easily work with each one. Scroll through the videos to find 'technique'.

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Ken and Nancy

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