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February 2012

A Powerful Experience

February 2012 News:


Sharing a Powerful Experience

We often write about experiences we have had working with individuals around the world. Many times it is our awareness of a situation playing out before our eyes that speaks to us becoming a Witness. Being a witness requires that we review/observe without judgment or opinion, having the full compassion of Creator. More about the witness is written in a previous newsletter. Being a witness is an important role, for each of us requires a witness to validate our experiences

In August, 2011 we were happily sponsored by one of our advanced practitioners, Bridget Draper of Melbourne, AU. She shared with us a house clearing she had performed and asked us to re-visit the home. We went as witnesses to the experiences of Bridget and the homeowner.

Bridget wrote a full account of the energies she found in the home, and what resulted from the clearing/dehaunting. Here is what she wrote.

Witnessing what Bridget had done made us feel so proud, not because she is one of our most advanced Heart & Soul Healing practitioners and a dear friend, but because she is a kind and generous soul with heartfelt intentions. Because of her level of compassion, she was able to guide another individual toward awareness.

Once again we must remember that Knowledge is Power. The woman helped by Bridget received the awareness and insight to help herself move from a place of fear to a space of knowledge and self-empowerment.

Self-empowerment begins with staying clear of energy that no longer serves us. Surely we know that in most cases, it is our family and loved ones who will present the most challenge in our attempts to stay balanced.

Learn the easiest way to keep yourself clear and less reactive by working with the energetic clearing technique.

Become liquid light - the truth contained within your cellular being.

Thanks for reading,

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy


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