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February 2010:

The Month for Romance, Love, or not?

February 2010 News:

*The Month for Romance or not?
*Celebrate who YOU are
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*More Yucatan Photos from the past
(Ken and Drunvalo)


February: a Month for Romance, Love or not??

For most individuals around the world, February has signaled a time when romance is supposed to combine with love.  There is a lot of anticipation, advertisements, reminders, billboards, retail shop displays and much more all coming together to say that ‘love is in the air’.   So now that Valentine’s Day has past, how many expectations were fulfilled and how many were not?  Did romance and love collide or did an imbalance in feelings and emotions remain?  You’ve heard us say before that we think love is the most confusing word.  There’s your way of looking at love based on your experiences and the way you’ve been loved in the past, and my way of looking at love based on my past experiences.

Both of us are ‘recovering Catholics’.  That means we get to feel guilty about everything – wanting to change what our church said was true yet experience led us to question.  But what if there was no religion?  In some cultures around the world, religion has not been allowed.  Whether that is good or not, we are all just trying to find a balance in our lives so we can have the most choices in our own world.

We’ve witnessed an interesting cultural effect occur outside the US (and it may exist here, we have perhaps just not seen it). We became aware that young teenagers were ‘hooking up’ first (or having sex) before they got to know the person that they were with.  Unfortunately, some people may take advantage of this life style.  Women would not get to develop any knowing or trust with the man they were with.  Almost always, we witnessed this happening to younger women.  Some cultures are much more open to sex than in our country.  But does that leave any choice when it comes to the young?  We saw girls around 14 years of age having these experiences.  By the time they were 18, they were having a hard time trusting boys/men for their defenses were broken.  The energy patterns they wore were hardened as if they were women of 35 or 40 years of age after a rough life.  These younger women were also having female problems within their bodies. 

Sexual energy in the world is not really a very nice energy – billions of projections from others onto others.  It is one of the most powerful and densest of energies in the world.  Many of you know more about this than we do – this is just what we have seen.  So that leads to a question:  does the mixing of young emotions and sexual experience affect the physical and intellectual bodies to where they begin to freeze or solidify into a state that alters their future? The answer is yes:  we have witnessed people who no longer have energy flow in various parts of their bodies as a direct result of this way of using (or mis-using) sexual energy.    

The other day Ken was reading an older copy of National Geographic (Aug.2008).  It spoke about the flash mobs in the Red Square of Moscow, Russia.  Hundreds of people would meet at night to kiss, make out and then go directly home with each other – each time a different person. Strangers affecting the energy patterns of other strangers.  History has shown these types of dynamics have been around for centuries. 

Our history, culture, families, lifestyle and experiences dictate the very way we look at life.  We then attach meaning to every thought and feeling based on this life story.  We give credibility to even the simplest of things to where we can become disappointed or sad.  All because we actually paid attention to what our mind (our life story) said should occur.  Why do we do that?  Why do we listen to the voice inside our head saying ‘it’s because you aren’t good enough, not pretty enough, not handsome enough, don’t say the right words – that you’ll never have love the way you want it’.  That’s the story we tell ourselves.  And we are so quick to go there!  We are the best of the best at telling ourselves we don’t deserve, we won’t have what we want, we just are not ‘enough’.

So how does all this affect the way we think about love?  How can we trust the energy of love when it combines with the dynamic of our past experiences, the story playing out in our minds, romance and then sex?  What affect has our history and our culture placed onto our psyche?  Any wonder then, why hearts, love and valentines can be a most confusing, disappointing and sad time for some people? 

Celebrate who YOU are
How often do we truly celebrate who we are? Because many of us (yes, us too), spend so much time and energy focused on what we think is "wrong" with us, celebrating ourselves doesn't often come easily.  The ultimate goal of being ourselves is what we’ve been saying for years – it means that we need to love ourselves, not rely on others outside ourselves to provide us with the ‘love’ we think we need. 

When we move into a place of using new awareness to actually view what we have done, where we have gotten in life, the blessings we do have, the people we can share love with, then the fear behind most of our worries can change.  We then have the real ability to create and experience from the level of conscious awareness.

So first step: recognize that February is just one month in our calendar year and it's almost over.

Second step: Celebrate your own life, clear out the cobwebs in your mind and stop being who you think you are.  Every single day, you will find out something you no longer agree to do.  You get to change your mind, you get to move out of the box you called your comfort zone.  You get to discover that you perhaps have helped enough and that the word ‘no’ can become part of your vocabulary again.  You can treat yourself with care, do small things that make you feel good and begin to accept yourself with compassion.  Soon that moves to liking yourself and then loving yourself. 

Love IS who you are – hearts, flowers, romance and everything combined. Your version of love for you – not anyone else’s version.  Here’s a short book that you might want to read: STOP*LOOK*LISTEN

It gives you a roadmap to finding yourself again in this world of overwhelming emotions.  Take good care of yourself.  You deserve. 

We send you blessings along your path. 
We believe you can do this for yourself. 
Celebrate your own life.

Thanks for reading,
Ken and Nancy


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Yucatan Photos from the Past
(Ken and Drunvalo)

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