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January 2010:

Hope for Change and
New Beginnings

January 2010 News:

*Becoming Fearless
*Yucatan Photos from the past
(Ken and Drunvalo)


Becoming Fearless

Many individuals have written and said they have been told (or they have read) about the need to protect themselves from certain types of energy (whether that is dark, lower or negative). We also know that many people have a fear of coming into contact with certain types of energy. We do know that there are teachers and authors who promote being One with light and love and suggest that you avoid or protect yourself from everything else. Only one challenge with that: you will continue to attract to yourself exactly what you are trying to avoid.

See, some teachers (and this does not mean they are either good or bad or right or wrong) can only teach from what they know; what they have been told or what they have read. What they may fear is exactly what you will learn from them.

Discernment has always been the key. Ask yourself in any situation when you are selecting a teacher: Do they welcome in all types of energy? Can or will they promote being One with everything in creation? It does not matter if they are famous, popular or have been around for many years. Your use of discernment causes you to question - everything and everyone. Question yourself and what you choose for your life.

You can move forward - you can change yourself.

In his book "The Five Stages of the Soul", Harry R. Moody. has a section titled "When to Run Like Hell" about the dark side of the spiritual journey. In short, it is about a classmate who talks about his last twenty years on a spiritual odyssey. The man is at present living a peaceful life on a small Hindu ashram in Arizona, but he shared some information about his search. He ended his article with some advice: This advice may be helpful to those of you who are looking:

Run like hell if:

  1. The teacher sleeps with the students
  2. The group makes unreasonable monetary demands on members
  3. The group puts undue emphasis on power
  4. The group puts the health or welfare of its followers in jeopardy
    and more:

  5. The expense is way out of proportion for the event.
  6. No information is offered about the purpose of the workshop.
  7. No structure in any way is suggested.
  8. Everything feels vague.
  9. The lessons are delivered too hard and fast -- it is necessary to go gently and slowly. What we are after is the healing of old wounds not the creation of new ones.

Do you want to live in fear of negative energy, spells, entities, ETs or anything else? Would you like to balance your own life force energy and find peace within yourself once and for all? It is possible. Read the testimonials from sessions and from our workshops. The Oneness workshop can teach you how to be completely fearless.

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy


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Hope for Change and New Beginnings

We wish to express our concerns for the people of Haiti and their families. Many of us wish to help make a difference in the lives of others on this planet. Perhaps you are in a position to make donations. Here are two international organizations that appear to provide the most in direct aid and assistance for Haiti:


If you are currently facing your own struggles, and are not in a position to financially assist, we ask that you be present with intentions of hope for the people of Haiti and have a grateful heart for the blessings that you do have in your life. The most inconsequential act can have a major effect upon another person. Find ways to assist those in need by simple acts of kindness, comfort and gentleness. That type of giving energy will help the entire planet, bringing opportunities for change and new beginnings. You can also give physically by donating your time to a shelter or group. You might be surprised to learn something about yourself.


Yucatan Photos from the Past
(Ken and Drunvalo)

Follow the link to see photos of Ken Page and Drunvalo Melchizedek from the Yucatan trip they took together (as discussed in Drunvalo's book 'The Serpent of Light' and in Ken's book 'The End of Time'. Watch for more photos to be added each month.


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