In the Heaven On Earth Workshop, you will experience, be guided and
receive tools to: :

  • Re-center yourself in your body so that other people's energy will not affect you in the old way.
  • Re-center yourself to open some 366 senses, and allow you to feel completely safe in your body. You will experience that there is no separation in this quiet space.
  • Breathe in with the Living Light Breath technique. This breathe tastes sweet. It's very similar to the breath of a breatharian.
  • Create inward balance with all your chakras and find a safe way to open your first, second, and third chakras to your full creative ability without attracting old patterns.
  • Connect your body, mind, soul, and heart into oneness and allow your heart and soul to merge.
  • Develop your psychic, clairvoyant, and auditory abilities and bring balance to your nervous system so that large amounts of creative energy can flow through you without harm.
  • Free yourself from old karmic patterns that resulted from energy and people that have been energetically attracted to you.
  • Take your full power and be one with your creative God self.
  • Learn to run all your sexual and creative energy without affecting others.
  • Discover how to holographically read and understand the Akashic records
  • Create abundance in a new way
  • Clear thousands of years of thoughts and feelings from the consciousness of your own DNA.
  • Experience a Kundalini awakening from a balanced, empowered place
  • Experience the ancient initiation of activating and igniting your pineal gland
  • Connect to Universal Consciousness and become the sun
  • Learn the Alchemy of the Soul: how to be fluid and let go of old patterns
  • Find out how to change your vibration so old thoughts and programs will not affect you
  • Open your heart and feel like you are expressing love for the first time
  • Receive sacred knowledge about how to access the secret location of the soul
  • Free yourself from past relationships and learn new ways of finding inner peace and joy
  • Learn how to take back your power and to be safe with who you really are
  • Be able to run all the energy of consciousness through yourself and tap into pure creation
  • Learn how you are here to help balance consciousness and assist in the coming changes
  • Learn to see Living Light Language and read sacred geometry

    and more...
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