( from HSH Manual: Guidebook of Applications and Philosophies, Chapter 4)

There is nothing more powerful in the universe than an aware, happy, playful person, acting on their preferred choices by creating and being who they are. In actuality, when we are not true to ourselves, we are really going throughout our life committing partial suicide. So many of us create from a place where we are forced to, under unhappy or desperate circumstances, when our bills are due, when our backs are against the wall, or when it is a do-or-die situation. When we create from such a place of desperation, our creations are distorted in some way. Our creations will take on some of the essence or form of our desperate and distorted energy. As we have already mentioned, similar energy or vibrations always attract more of the same type of energy, as everything likes to grow and be more than it is. When we create from a place where we are doing what we really love to do, we generate the perfect place from which to create. When we are happy and playful, we are in the perfect flow of our own life. From such a place, we are at one with all aspects of ourselves, in balance and harmony.

The only difference between any of us and Christ, Buddha, Krishna, or any of the enlightened masters are three things:
• They knew who they were
• They were safe with being who they were
• They became it, in consciousness and by their words and deeds

In order to create the things we really choose to have in our lives, we not only have to take responsibility for our actions, thoughts, words and deeds, we have to also know who we are. Unless we first know who we are, we end up wanting and creating things we do not even need. It may even get to a point where we create a lot of things just to discover who we are by seeing so many examples of who we are not, and what we do not choose to have in our life.

The most important part of knowing who we are is to first establish a relationship with ourselves. If we don’t know and like ourselves, who is supposed to do it for us? It is when we realize and accept our true worth, we finally come into our complete power. Complete realization of empowerment occurs when we let go of any need to receive validation or approval from anyone outside of ourselves. Empowerment and manifestation of our choices, through conscious creating occurs when we simply
become who we already are: OURSELVES!

There is a timeless space and state between the past and the future. If you are always thinking about how you could have changed things, or done them differently, you are in the past. If you are always thinking ahead, with thoughts like, “as soon as I get this done, then I can go do that,” then you are living in the future.

When we wish to change something about our life, NOW is the only place any of us can really ever create change. To change anything in our life, it is required that we be truly living in the moment, in the now. If we create when our focus is in the past or the future, or we are desperate or panicked, our creations will then have distortions. Because there is no other time for us except this moment, do what you love to do as often as you can. Do your best to create in the timeless space of the moment. When you are in this space of creation, you are the finest reflection of Source you can be here on Earth.

Third dimensional time also offers each of us a very special gift. Time offers all of us a linear framework of magic in which we may practice becoming conscious Creators. As we create within the framework of time, we are offered gradual and physical proof of who, what and where we are on our path of life expression. The delay brought on by time allows us enough practice time until we get it right for ourselves.

Each moment by moment, instant by instant, is an all new experience. NOW is a point and a place that we have never been before, never seen before, and never felt before. Each moment is an experience for the first time. The moment is the source for all of our creative powers and abilities. Each instant is a fresh access point for magic, and passion and expression for who and what we truly are.

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