The Perfect Place From Which To Create

Most of us create in a time of dire need. We create when we are out of money or in trouble or something is wrong in our lives.

Think about it - how can we create when all we know is what we don't want. Do we even know what it is that we do want? Most of the time, all we know is that we DON'T want any more of what we have created in the past. So how do we create from a space of what we DO want?

We need to bring our passions into the moment. What is our passion? What do we love to do and how often are we doing it? How often are we making time in our lives for what we love to do?

If we are too busy, our focus will be scattered. We will not do the things we love to do, rather only do what we have to do. We continue to search for moments of quiet and peace. When we are no longer doing what we love to do, it's not long before we get an attitude. We then find it hard to even care about ourselves or our lives. Soon, we stop loving ourselves.

Creating is easy when we are in our passion. Doing anything that we love to do - fishing, gardening, walking in the woods, reading, dancing - that's when we are happiest. When we are happy and in our passion, we are enjoying our life. When we enjoy ourselves, we can love what is in the moment.

Probably one of the best times to create is when we are making love or we are being loving or nice to ourselves. It can be a time when something really special is happening, when every cell in our body physically is having a simultaneous experience. This is when we want to love ourselves unconditionally. This is the perfect moment within which to create. As we move into that moment, every cell in our body is unified and focused. It is easiest to manifest our desires physically in our moments of creation.

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