Getting to the Moment

If people around us continue to trigger our issues or push our buttons, remember, they are usually mirroring or reflecting the very issues we have come to learn and resolve. We should use the times when we get thrown off center or off balance to go back in linear time to gain an understanding of where a particular issue began for us. It is important to do our best to understand our emotional charge or the energetics around the issue itself, whether it is about abandonment, self worth, trust, guilt, shame, being alone, power and control, etc. Until we understand our charge around the issue, our subconscious continues to create event after event, so we can keep looking at what we have agreed to learn. Once we understand our issues, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually, there no longer will be an energetic charge around them. Until we realize we are co-creating a series of events to keep us focused on our issues, we will continue to subconsciously divert most of our creative energy into drawing such circumstances and people to us.

The key to the entire process of learning and being is to stay in the moment. If anything gets into our space and triggers a reaction, we should do our best to look in our linear past to understand where it all started and what we are still learning. This is the only way to be truly aware of what we are creating and why we are creating it. Anytime we find ourselves out of the moment it is very valuable to examine where we went, past or future and what the issue was which sent us there. The only place we can access true change within our being is in the moment. If we are not in the moment, there will always be some form of distortion.

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