How to Love Ourselves

Ken Page

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People ask everyday, 'How do I learn to love myself?' It seems to be a question not very many people know the answer to. One of the first steps is to love and accept what we don't like about ourselves. Love the way we look, love the way our body is, love the way we think and feel. The more we love ourselves the more it allows our vibration to stay inside our own bodies and become pure love. If we brought our energy fields back inside of ourselves and we did not love ourselves, our old fears and patterns would push our spiritual essence back out. Loving ourselves becomes a very important part of energetically staying in our space.

So how do we love what we do not like about ourselves? Simply do the things we love to do. Let's say we are in our passion. Let's say we are writing, watching a movie or listening to music. Whatever it is we do when we are in our passion, feeling good about ourselves and feeling good about the moment is when we want to embrace the feeling of loving ourselves.

The vibrations and feelings of loving ourselves and being in our passion can be used to change our whole body simultaneously to where all of our cells are energetically vibrating with love. Being full bodied while we are in our passion is a powerful way of doing this. For example, these moments may be when we are making love, being in an orgasmic state, taking a bath, swimming or playing with our families and our friends. Whenever we are loving a feeling, use this feeling of love throughout our bodies. Use feelings we love to identify what self love feels like.

We need to practice loving ourselves when we are happy. Do the things we love to do as often as we can: shop, listen to music, be with people, read or dance. Do whatever we love the most and when we are doing them feel love for ourselves. This way our whole body will energetically experience love.

Let's talk about just how important this is, loving ourselves. What if Jesus Christ or Buddha or Mother Mary appeared in front of us? What if we could feel what they felt like? Would we change our body, our vibration according to their vibrations? Of course we would. By doing this we would energetically change and heal ourselves. So we have got to put our emphasis on loving ourselves. Love what we don't like, love what we are insecure with and love what we would like to change. Maybe, until we completely love ourselves, our body will not change its form, its shape, the way it is or how it is feeling. Love is an extremely important vibration; it's a vibration all in itself. How many of us spend any time during each day loving ourselves?

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