How We Can Best Help Another Person

Ken Page

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What if we find something outside ourselves, in the world, in our community or with another person that upsets us? What should we do to help? Ken believes we should donate our time physically by helping that person or giving our time to an organization or a charity founded to help that issues or cause. We are physical beings and we need to physically experience our creations. As we physically give our time to a cause we believe in, we become aware of our own feelings. In doing so we understand ourselves better. In that place of being a creator we gain compassion for other people's creations and this leads us to a better understanding of being a co-creator.

Again, are we creators or are we victims? If we are creators, everything is perfect. If there is something we don't like we should physically do something about it. Whether it means donating one or several hours a week, do something physically to change and help what we don't like.

So many times we hear people wanting to change the world based on what they think the world needs. In a recent science journal it said if all humans disappeared in the next moment it would only take Mother Earth six months to heal all the pollution in our environment.

What happens when we help someone who hasn't asked for our help? People come all the time asking Ken to fix or change other people who have not asked for his help. Ken believes if we help someone who has not physically asked us for help, we intensify their creations and get caught in their experiences. What is going on in their life will energetically affect us.

What if we were to have unconditional love for ourselves and unconditional compassion for the other person where they are? Is it possible that they would feel the quality of love and compassion we have for ourselves?

Many people are taught to ask their Higher Self if they should heal or work on somebody remotely. Most people who say they ask their Higher Self are told 'yes', they can heal or help another person. When somebody asks Ken if he would do a Heart & Soul Healing session with someone else, he always tells them he needs to do a session with them first. Ninety per cent of the time, after their session has been completed, their Higher Self tells them they should not interfere with the other person.

As we reflect love for ourselves what will happen to the people we used to loop with? What they feel from us is the love we have for ourselves. As we become this vibration through loving ourselves, others can recognize this quality in themselves and they can change. We can never change another person, but the more we love ourselves, the easier it is for somebody else to recognize that quality in themselves.

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