by Michelle Webster,
published in the Planet Vermont Quarterly, July 2000

"A respected international teacher and lecturer, a gifted empath, futurist and intuitive, Ken Page is the creator of Heart & Soul Healing. He spoke in Manchester, Vermont on July 14. Meeting Ken Page is, in one word, delightful. A successful businessman and internationally recognized lightworker, his demeanor was unassuming, friendly and refreshingly open. His message is simple and direct, with ample practical applications. His goal is to share his life work, which is about enlightening our relationships and about our life's purpose. We talked about his message, techniques, and exercises as they applied to awakening soul memory, personal empowerment, and most of all healing."

PVQ: Ken, tell us what you see as the most important part of your work.

KP: Personal relationships are our biggest challenges. We experience the greatest pain in our lives through violated personal boundaries. We don't know how much we should give to each other; and yet, we always seem to want more from the people in our lives. We get caught up in old patterns of relating. I believe that we are here on Earth to master all the conditions we place on love. We don't have to feel pain to heal. If we can master every condition that we place on love, we will have unconditional compassion for all creation.

PVQ: So, how does 'like attract like' figure into this equation? It seems like we seem to attract all the wrong types of love, or not the type of love that we need into our lives. People are always searching for that missing part of their life.

KP: In our lifetime, we attract people, relationships and other energy in our lives that we need to master. Most of us only have a few conditions in this lifetime to understand and love. We test ourselves on our issues over and over by energetically finding people to reflect our issues back to us. Our subconscious mind looks for similar energy patterns to what we need to master in our lives, attracting them to us like a magnet. The person standing in front of us is a mirror image of what we need to look at within ourselves.

PVQ: That ís actually a big relief. I know that many of us feel like we are with the wrong person, that we made a mistake somewhere along the way.

KP: We come into life to experience love and instead we are experiencing pain, loss, abandonment, power, control, etc. We react to these energy patterns that are part of our 'attractor' patterns which test our self love, personal power, and our definition of who we are.

PVQ: So, how do we change those patterns and attract loving energy? In order to be loved, must we be lovable?

KP: Yes. As we begin to love ourselves unconditionally and have unconditional compassion for others, others feel this and use it as a template to energetically find their own truth, freeing them from the patterns and pain of the past. I believe that if you love yourself only 1% more than you ever loved yourself, youíll change your vibration.

PVQ: And you're saying that by changing our vibration, we attract new energy patterns? So, our job then, is to increase our own vibration? How can we do this?

KP: Because we are all One and part of the Creator, I believe that we have the power to do this. But most of us use our personal power to keep from connecting to the Creator or mastering the conditions we place on love. Only after we stop giving away our power can we become fully creative and transform our relationships. We become responsible creators, aware of what we create in our lives through the use of this personal power.

PVQ: Loving ourselves, then, is the key to creating attractor patterns that are more loving than destructive. When we change, the world around us changes, and all the other attractor patterns that are in place have to adjust to us, because we are all energetically connected.

KP: That's one of the purposes we have here on earth to balance all the different collective consciousnesses.

PVQ: And we do that through mastering ourselves first?

KP: Yes. We learn about love from our parents, and they could only love us as much as they loved themselves. Have we been loved completely? Was our parents' love ever enough?

PVQ: Everyone knows that you can always use more love, Ken. All this talk about 'attractor' patterns make me wonder if I can get the love that I need.

KP: If you send love, light, and energy to others when you have not learned to love yourself unconditionally, you will in return attract what you do not love about youself.

PVQ: Wow, that's an amazing concept. So we are simply reaping our lack of love, with no replenishment. We are not only sucking up as much love as we can get from others, they are sucking our love up, too.

KP: This is why so many individuals doing healing work have damaged their nervous systems. They burn out emotionally, because people come to them to be 'healed' and they give all their energy to that person who comes to them as a 'victim'. The healer then must become the 'savior' and patch up broken persons. This is the detriment of the healer for he/she takes on the energy of the client. Many healers are not aware that they inherit energy from their clients and/or do not knokw how to release or disburse that energy.

PVQ: That's happening in our relationships too.

KP: Yes, that is why it is so important for us to learn how to center, balance and clear ourselves. We have not mastered the practice of having a quiet mind - as our culture requires us to be 'busy' all the time. We need to learn to be fully present in our bodies, and learn how to live in the moment. The moment is the access point for the finest reflection of Source we can be. In our workshops, we teach people how to clear themselves several times every day with a very easy technique. After all, anything you do with conscious intent and focus will change your life. I discuss how to do this simple exercise in my book The Way it Works, in Chapter 8.

PVQ: So we need to center ourselves in such a way that we are not adversely affected by others mirroring our issues?

KP: We need to understand the things that pull us off center and release those issues in our lives. The only place that we can truly change is in the present moment, not in the past or future. Until we realize that we create a series of events to keep us focused on our issues, we continue to subconsciously divert most of our creative energy into drawing the same circumstances and people to ourselves.

PVQ: ...and stay firmly stuck re-living the past over and over, which robs us of our creative potential and the ability to really love the people in our lives.

KP: That is what the the Heart & Soul Healing techniques uncover and integrate in our bodies. Through thousands of sessions all over the world and more than a million individuals combined, we have learned this important message. We also have learned the importance of 'INscension' which means being fully present in our bodies with conscious awareness.

PVQ: I feel very comfortable with these concepts, particularly the concept that we attract exactly the type of energy that we need for our growth. It's comforting to know that everything is exactly as it should be. It's also very empowering to know that I can change my attractor patterns through the techniques that you teach in your books and workshops.

KP: Remember, the most important awareness for each of us is to not give away our power. All of our answers are already inside us, not outside us.

PVQ: Your use of simple exercises to clear negative energy seems simplistic; is clearing energy from our clothing and personal items as important?

KP: In order to remain energetically healthy, it is important to bathe and change your clothes at the end of the day, because you have been exposed to highly charged energies. When we speak of clearing energy, we mean both the negative and the positively charged energies. If you go to bed in the same clothes and unwashed body that came into contact with the outside world, is it any wonder that you don't have restful sleep? There is a lot of energy out there that I wouldn't want to hug or take to bed.

PVQ: Do you believe in soul mates?

KP: Soul mates simply mirror each othersí issues exactly. If you have found your soul mate, you have located someone energetically who has your very same issues.

PVQ: What do you believe our true purpose is?

KP: To become one. God is witnessing us or experiencing us.

PVQ: That sounds a lot like Christian teaching which says that we are created for Godís good pleasure.

KP: The more that we experience unconditional love and compassion, the more that attractor pattern attracts like energy. As we begin to love ourselves unconditionally and have unconditional compassion for others, we bring the collective consciousness back into balance.

PVQ: What is the key to having relationships that endure and grow?

KP: Each person must be doing what they love. You must discover your passion.

PVQ: Some people say that time is speeding up? Is this really happening?

KP: It appears that time is speeding up, because we are having to deal with our created realities in rapid fire. We are seeing all that we have created and it's overwhelming to us. I tend to think that time is slowing down, and the more that I'm in the moment, it's even slower. When the past is fully integrated into your consciousness and fully known, time seems to slow. That's when you want to be sure that you are really doing what you love to do. Otherwise, it will seem like eternity in hell doing something that you do not want to do.

PVQ: What is your vision of the future?

KP: Electromagnetics around our etheric bodies are changing. Anything we are not holding on to or have not resolved from our past is causing our physical reality to become energetically distorted. I believe these times are focusing on the collapse of time and our old emotional beliefs. 'Letting go' is extremely important. Let go of what no longer serves you, such as past emotions, old relationships, and the way you may have been in the past. Let go of worrying about the way you look. Let go of how you think other people should be and judgements that you have about yourself and others. Anything you are holding onto in these times of change will intensify your physical reality. We are creating differently now, than in the past; this is confusing. Working harder, sacrificing, and doing things as before no longer brings results. I believe the reason for this is that we are moving towards instantaneous creation. We are experiencing the collapse of everything around us that is not true to and supportive of our heart and spirit. The closer we move into instantaneous creation, the clearer we need to be in what we choose to create in our lives. We are now coming together as a family, as the soul of Oneness, with no separation.

PVQ: Thank you, Ken, for your work in exposing and remedying the nature of our self-inflicted separation from the love that heals us. Above all, thank you for teaching us that the very best way we can make our world a kinder, safer and gentler place to is love ourselves first with that same compassion.

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