Lucid Dreaming

For the last few years I have spent four to five hours each night in a lucid dreaming state. When I used lucid dreaming to explore taking my power and being one with everything I saw, flashbacks from history appeared in my mind's eye -- images of governments, churches, groups, people -- all who had misused their power -- including myself. These reoccurring images lasted for a few weeks and showed me the part that I had played in the misuse of power and the ideas that were stopping me from mastering my true power.

In this conscious dream state, I continued to state that I wanted to take my power. I didn't question why I had to do this, I just knew that this was part of my journey, and I let the process continue.

Every night for over a year, I repeated this process, saying over and over that I was powerful. The more powerful that I became the quieter my mind and soul became. I came to a point where there was no more internal resistance to taking my power. There was a quiet knowing that there was no separation or fear of any kind. But more importantly, there was no separation between God and myself.

In my lucid dreaming process I sought to find balance with what it means for me to take my power and be one with everything without separation. When I am one with all life, there is no resistance with other energies. Karma and Dharma do not exist in the way that they have been experienced in the past. The future will be the challenge because energy principles will not work the way we have used them before.

I realized that God (or Source or Consciousness) does not put limitations on its creative ability. It was always me who limited my ideas and power to correspond to the time of my life that I was currently in. By no longer separating myself from God and limiting my creative abilities, Karma and Dharma no longer played the same roles in my life.

Our new reality opens a space for other vibrations and dimensions to be present and to help change the 3rd dimension as we have known it -- giving us more freedom to create. I believe the last spiritual duality in our three dimensional reality is the belief that we are separate from God.



In yhe July 2001 newsletter, I posed a few questions and asked you to share your ideas and insights. The questions I asked were:

What does it mean to take your power? What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God? What does it mean to awaken the Indigo light and vibration within you?

I really appreciated all of you who sent in your views, and they are listed below, along with some other thoughts that were shared.



From Alan H.:

To me taking my power back means that I live daily in the realization that we are all God, and that are all constantly co-creating with our thoughts and feelings. This solves the separation from God "problem" because, as we experience our awareness of our creative power and the responsiveness of the Universe to what is going on within us, we know we are One with All. The "taking back our power" part is the hard work of remembering that the aforementioned is so, and refusing to fall into any other belief system that offers less personal power and connectedness than that.

Awakening to the Indigo light and vibration within seems to be occurring spontaneously. It is kind of neat to close one's eyes and see more light than with eyes wide open. Our sun and some say the string of central suns are sending more light of different frequencies than ever before to the planet. Our chakras pick up this energy and vibrate to different frequencies of information (light being information). So awakening to the light is paying attention to feedback from the chakra system. I find it quire challenging, but very interesting to keep up with all the changes and adjustments that our bodies, our consciousness and our lives have to make from day to day. It's like being on the path - just dealing moment to moment with what comes our way from a host of dimensional realities.

Thanks for providing the opportunity to express myself on this topic.


From Joe N.:

I noticed that you asked for a meaning about separation, taking power, and the Indigo vibration. Whenever I have asked for a meaning on a subject, I received a lot of words that really didn't fit with the action or integration process. So I began to ask how do you feel when you are making those change/s as compared to the way you felt prior to the process, and those answers brought out the meaning. Bemorings!


From Roger:

About taking power: There is no power / There is only power!

About separation from God: Separation from God is an illusion. There is no God / There is nothing that isn't God. Or to play with words: There is no God. There is only to know God.

And about the light thing: If there is no power and no God, there is no light. But, if we know power and know God, there is only light!

Well, any way, Love to you brother, Roger


From Ildiko in Toronto:

Thank You Ken, It is inspiring to read people's responses!

What does it mean to take your power? What does it mean to have no longer separation between yourself and God? There are two things we humans usually do with power:

1) we abuse it out of fear of our own inadequacies.
2) we give it away freely in exchange for what we mistakenly believe is love, or at least approbation from another. As Nelson Mandela said, most of us are afraid of our own greatness.

To take our power back, we have to love ourselves, not expect it, need it or want it from anyone else! How do we find self love. I think intention is everything. What works well for me is recognizing that when I am in emotional pain of any sort, it is my inner child who is wounded, not me, and I send her love, for she needs it from me, not the outside source which would appear to be causing the problem. When we love ourselves there is no separation between God and ourselves, or anyone else.

What does it mean to awaken to the indigo light vibration within us?

It's to recognize that we truly are nothing but love. We are not our fear, our sorrow, our pain, our hate. We are only love, we are god. The rest is an illusion.


From Angelique H., Switzerland:

What does it mean to take your Power?

After years of searching for a way to take my Power back, i have come to a phase where i don't believe that there is something like Personal Power our taking our Power. That might sound strange and maybe it is only a matter of words, i experience it as following. By surrendering my will to the Universal will or the Will of Spirit I receive the power or rather the strength to accomplice or respond to whatever is in front of me. In this surrendering there is no separation, only Co-creation. It's the most beautiful way to be and live a life on this Earth. It is living in the here and now, the moment, where I can hear the Spirit loud and clear and being conscious of every word and action. To let the Universe work, as being a part of this ongoing consciousness or the Universal Dream.

That is actually an answer to the second question to: What does it mean to no longer have separation between myself and God?

I experience this state of being more and more in my life, though it is easy to step out and a little harder to step in again, i find my way back a little faster each day. The illusion of separation can still be very real to parts of my mind. To Be online with Spirit, as i like to call it, i have to let go of the past and the immediate past as well and work through the "issues" of my personal self. Using my response-ability and reminding myself that i can choose were i want to be,( You don't have to go there) is what really helps me in the process.


From Kenneth M. :

What does it mean to take your power?

For me, it means understanding how the system "works." If you do not understand the Law of Attraction, then you will be mystified as to the game you are playing. You won't ever understand that you are the powerful creator of your reality, and that no one or no-thing can create in your experience. Taking your power means accessing that great inner power that comes from within, and experiencing the joy that results from a greater understanding of Self. Taking your power means deliberately creating your reality, and taking responsibility for that which is occurring in your life, for each and every event in life is created by the self, and is a reflection of the self. Taking your power is a joyful journey, and leads to an ever increasing feeling of positive emotion, a spiraling upwards into ever more wonderment and abundance. Taking your power also means never to teach that which you yourself have not demonstrated in your own life, to always be an example to others, and offer help when asked, but never to force your own opinion on another, recognizing that we are all sovereign beings and in our uniqueness a beautiful expression of the Creator. What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God? It means discovering that "yourself" and "God" mean the same thing. There is no end to the pleasure of this discovery, for God (and you) is continually rediscovering itself. God is self-similar, totally connected, like a factual image, no matter how deeply one explores into its interior, it is ever-changing, ever -beautiful, and never is it exactly the same from point to point. Every point within this Creation is unique, and has a unique energy and vibration. No longer having separation between yourself and God means celebrating the diversity and uniqueness of each "part" of the whole, for without any single part the whole could not exist.


From Nan C.:

These are my thoughts on Indigo Light for your newsletter:

For the past 7 years or so, I have been perceiving indigo-colored light in what I am assuming is my auric field and sometimes, beyond. It appears to cover larger areas at times, or just as simple flashes. I am highly attracted to this nearly-indescribable color. In the past couple of years, I have also had the great privilege and challenge of teaching on the Primary Elementary level where I have encountered a number of children who seem to fit the descriptions of Indigo Children perfectly.

From my personal experience, it seems that reawakening the Indigo Light can facilitate greater awareness, consciousness and manifestation, greater connection to the Higher Self and the Divine, as well as greater open-heartedness.


From anonymous:

I've found that the "child's soul" I touch each day is the one in me! The one that is open to learning without judgment, the one that prefers to gain wisdom rather than knowledge, the one that gives love without expectations. He took some finding but now I do my best to work with him as much as I can each and every day.

I like your Newsletter, keep up the good work.


From Wakila:

what does it mean to accept my indigo vibration? for me , i can't accept the fullness of the intuition unless i work very hard on keeping my physical body solid and in tune. this is something i've been very good at running away from, but a door has opened and that's a major focus at this time. through change of diet, more regular exercise, and yoga, my body is tuning, and my intuition is more solid, perhaps because the vehicle seems to be becoming more capable of handling it. i've been told i'm a big and powerful spirit, but you couldn't guess that from my life in the past 10 years--it does appear that, as i become more physically centered, i'll be able to serve this part better, and be a better servant to humanity.


From Stephanie:

<< One of the greatest problems with our spiritual new age society is the act of continually saying "I don't want to be here on Earth." >>

Unfortunately too many religious/spiritual groups also echo this sentiment in the split between spirit/matter by inviting us to devaluate our bodies. We allow authoritarian hierarchies to undermine our power by creating wars inside of us (split thinking such as either/or, black/white, us/them, you/me, good/bad, worthy/unworthy, this/that, etc.) such that we ourselves become 'a divided house'. And we wonder why we feel so torn...

For me, my power returns in the actual discovery that GOD IS EVERYTHING. This means I need not look outside, EVER, to any person, institution, group, or framework. I am free to trust my own intuition. To live out of such freedom I use two magic spells: SILENCE and SPACIOUSNESS. Many techniques exist to stretch out my moments, to infuse my experience and my surroundings, with these extremely effective tools. Years of developing mindfulness has helped implement them. Perhaps the easiest and most immediate way, however, is to simply BREATHE and ride the natural flow of one breath at a time as if that were the only thing in existence...perhaps it is!


From ~Victoria~ *S*:

For me to acknowledge and accept my power is to become a clear and centered vessel for the God/dess spirit to work thru shine bright so others may know they too can and have this be humble and feel the Oneness all around that people and animals...ALL share this gorgeous gift we know as..~Gaia~


From Lisa C. R.:

Your July 2001 newsletter section on Indigo Children went straight to my heart, notably the idea that I am damaging my Being here on Earth by denying it. I have had the thought inside me for years, especially in times of loneliness or other stress, that runs "I want to go Home". For the past several years, I have tried to tell myself that "Home" is obviously "God", and that God is inside me, so Home is inside me; it doesn't always work, though. I have just found an energy/spiritual healer to work with me on this and other issues, and reading your words regarding accepting our power and eliminating the separation between ourselves and God is very healing as well. I think as children born long before "Indigo Children" were recognized, we learned to "forget" in order to get along with the mundane world; now it's time to remember. Accepting this beautiful Life and this incredible body wholeheartedly must be the key to reopening the door, reintegrating those vague "knowings" of mine with a grounded Life on Earth. Thank you again,


From Wanda Gail C.:

Thank you for the reassurance that the light is available to all. I believe there is a future where there is no need for a "leader". As each one claims personal power and accepts self-responsibility, no laws will be necessary, no groups will dominate and there will be peace on earth.

I actually affirm at this moment that There are no laws and there is Peace On Earth. Rolling Thunder of the Cherokee said, "Because if you believe in something and believe in it long enough, it will come into being."

Blessings of love, light, and JOY!


In response to July's letter:

It's like being able to genuinely invite the experience of each up, down, twist and turn of a ride, at the same time realizing that you built the amusement park...

It's like understanding you are the pawn that wrote the play-book.

It's feeling that each and every moment is a fresh, new experience that never before has been, never again will be, and yet, always was...

You are the creator of every moment, as well as you are the result of creation.

I wrote this poem once. It goes like this:

It's True

Every Human Being has Mind
Every Human Being has Will
Every Human Being is Made of Love.

And Mind Endeavors to Govern Will
    while Will is Free and Boundless
And Mind is Seeking Boundlessness
    while Will is Seeking Love

Seek the Purity in Every Human Mind
    to Know Love Acts Through Human Will
Seek the Innocence of Every Act of Human Will
    to Know the Purest Love.


My Name is Honor


From Kirstie:

Thank-you for your most recent newsletter. As always, I find myself inspired by your thoughts and work. It got me thinking about my current definition of power. For me it is simple: Power is the capacity to be/remain ESSENTIALLY who you are in all aspects and expressions of yourself at all times (a tall order!!!) Power is realized through the absence of fear, and in the reality of love and oneness. Wherever there is separation there is an absence of power.


From Anonymous:

within each of us
is a garden
a place of magnificent beauty
and peace
we just need sing, dance
and image it to the surface
this is our true home
and making it manifest
is our calling


From Michelle Copeland:

This is a poem I feel called to share in relationship to being one with God, my self, my partner from my personal experience. Feel free to pass it on or put in your newsletter.

Loves Kiss

I feel your presence
so dear and loving
you are ever near in your essence

I am one with you my beloved
My beauty lives in our sharing
Radiance felt through the rays of our love

Between time and space exist the realm
of us in which I am one as a radiant sun
Moon and Sun reflecting light beams

Dancing in joy the realms of light expand
beaming rainbows of color
as I am one with my lover

Our Diamond Heart illuminates the light of loves embrace
In our openness and complete surrender we are born again
in the richness of nectar I taste the sweetness
as I drink from our cup

This cup is but a chalice of our elixir of love
from the Heart of God's Presence it pours life's gift
Unity with my lover, my Presence of Life I AM,
Holy one we are in union to know true love
through ourselves, our embrace, our laughter and
our being together as one

Through the tides of change and sorrow I have wept
in your longing to know you in every sense of these words
to know you~  is to love you, to know myself, to know love

For this I have done for now we are truly one~

By: Michelle Copeland    Copyright July 2001


From Lindsey:

Regarding your article about indigo people. What does it mean to me? How do you reflect a quality if you are continually giving away your energy? Taking responsibility for our own health, lifestyle, world/environment, community, rather than waiting for the answer. If we reflect to our children the quality that represents independence and responsibility for our own present and future it will be a grand example for children to follow. Indigo children are not any different than other children in that they are affected by the world around us. They are even more sensitive. Keeping the consistency of a vibration of freedom will hold the vision for us all. Learning to be responsible for loving ourselves seems to be a priority.


From Steven:

You asked the following questions, and I thought I would share some of my thoughts on working to get closer to God.

What does it mean to take your power? What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God?

For me, I have been working to learn to Align with God's Will in every aspect of my life. This can seem very difficult and confusing for most of us, however, it is possible.

His first step in the Alignment process is to ask. God is always there, waiting. But why must we ask? Is it not true that God is all knowing and all powerful? If so, He already knows what is needed and could just do it. This is true, but God will not take control of the situation. God has given us the gift of free will so that we have the freedom to choose. If we have chosen not to Align with God's Will, then we must accept the consequences of our choice. Even though He has the Power, God will not interfere with the lesson. Instead, we must each take the first step in the process of returning to God.

To begin this process, ask for Perfect Alignment with God's Will in every aspect of life. Even if we have no idea of what to do, the process of Alignment will begin when the request is made. Choosing to ask for Alignment is a good example of making a choice from the Higher Self perspective. The more choices that are made from the Higher Self, the closer we are to actual Alignment. In order to make such choices, it is important to become more clear.

As we clear every aspect of our being, we move towards Balance and Harmony. This will lead us to the Inner Peace that we all seek. As we create Peace within ourselves, we can then share this Peace with others, helping us to create Peace in all of our relationships: within our families, communities, nations, the world, and the universe. This is what we have come here to do.

Peace is God's Will for all of us.


From Donna:

To awaken the indigo energy in all of us: we can select from the white pranic light the indigo colour and fill our internal and external prana ball with that light. Even activate our Merkaba with that indigo light and start to connect with that the indigo vibration and consciousness that bring along the Indigo children. With intention and attention we can fully connect with, and re-awaken our own Indigo-Child-Consciousness (ICC).


From Diane H.:

To be, and let be.


From Watana:

July 14, 2001

Indigo Light, the indicator of the vibrational level of transition into enpowerment! Creation is change in motion and indeed these are times of change, times of motion, times of creation. We look around us and within us and we find constant change, constant creativity! The earth and her inhabitants are transforming into the 5th World. The veils are lifting--more and more humans are finding they are able to connect with the Universal Mind, the ALL, the "I Am that I Am" energy force that binds ALL together (God). When one is able to realize the concept of ALL, the complexity of existence lifts, knowing begins and UNITY in Unconditional Love becomes the known creative force. Taking your power, is lifting your veils and recognizing this UNITY. This taking of power reveals the WHOLENESS of ALL EXISTENCE and the soul self reveals its nature, its never-ending journey. Thus also comes into play the realization that while the body, the human container, continues as part of the cosmic plan of change--it provides a container for the souls birth, experience and finally release into the continued travels that are never-ending. The soul alone is the ENTITY not bound to change, because by its very nature is creator, the instigator behind the creative process, IT is the power that creates. Its very nature of continuing perfection, of ascending while in a container that is descending, demands that harmony of ascension and decension be recognized and balance maintained.


From Amanda B., Sweden:

"What does it mean to take your power? What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God? What does it mean to awaken the Indigo light and vibration within you? "

I thought about this, and the only answer I have on the above is:

To be true to your heart or maybe (perhaps the answer to a following question such as "But HOW to be true to ones heart?")

To let your heart make your decisions


From Kay:

Indigo is the place of our inner image of the perfect world, the people, including ourselves, and how they relate to one another. Our gift from our Creator is the piece of it, residing inside, that loves unconditionally. As we are spiritual beings having a human experience, to take our power is to choose consciously to live in those spiritual principles and listen to that soft loving voice within that encourages us to love, accept, appreciate our blessings, and speaking kindly encourage it in all others. That process unites us with the god-force. Activating this indigo vibration allows us opportunities every moment of everyday to live the grandest expression of who we can image we are and live into it consciously and on purpose. Blessings and love to us all.


From Jacqueline:

I feel that everyday we say to ourselves," I want to be here now." I am grateful for everything I have created in my life. " I AM here now". We are incredibly powerful. Even though we may not believe that we are, does not make it so. In fact, we are so powerful that we manifest our disbelief in ourselves. Whether we realize it or not, life is constant creation. When we are able to create the conversation within ourselves that we are here to learn, and grow, and that we can never fail, and that we will fulfill ourselves, then we can remove the doubt, and free our intrinsic trust. Our intuition is there to be trusted and followed, not questioned. It is trust.


From Barbara L., Sedona, AZ:

Ken, this is what I hear from the Indigo Vibration:

We are the children of the indigo vibration. We are always our higher selves, our soul consciousness. Our thinking and our feelings are one with our intuitive knowing; we do not have any veil, buffer, illusion or doubt between our awareness and what is. We are at "total acceptance" on the path of love. When we encounter something that is disharmonious with our vibration, we do not forget or hide, we let go. Our attitude is one of total acceptance not only of ourselves but of all that is, including that which is disharmonious to us--total acceptance of disharmony not as our truth, but as the truth of the source of the disharmony. This is for healing. The hardest thing for us is acceptance of the thinking of those who do not accept our truth for us. We become neutral when our truth for us is not accepted by others. This is our way. It is not a coincidence that the expression, "Whatever!" became so popular. It is a detachment, a neutral stance, a letting go. To love the children is to always accept their truth.

It is true that we are here for our evolution and to help in the transition of the earth from four to five dimensions of existence. Those who cannot accept the truth of the indigo vibration do not block our evolution or the evolution of the earth. They only block themselves. About this, we are neutral.

Oneness is the balance on the path. Whether at one dimension, four, five or infinite dimensions, all is the oneness. Many spiritual traditions have carried the knowing of the oneness through time--Celtic/Druid, Hindu/Yoga, Jesus--we are separated from the oneness only by illusions. Absence of illusions is enlightenment.

Beyond indigo is the white vibration. White light is not just translucent, it is clear light with rainbows of color--like the opal. Vibrational medicine (see Richard Gerber, MD) is teaching (reminding) us that within our cellular structure there is biochemical, electrical and light-wave communication. The light is within. The indigo vibration is clear. Thank you, Ken for your contributions; we are one.


From Nance:

Response to Indigo Children...

(you said)
* INDIGO CHILDREN - There is much being said about the Indigo Children. I'm sure it's true and there is a lot more to it -- we all are the Indigo People.

(I said) Yes it's true...Indigo, even 'angel babies' are being brought/born in now...but this is NOT a mutual vibration. And if it is so very dormant in some who would still act as devils upon the planet that the 'enlightened' are now 'moving on'. No longer will the enlightened (the innocent children who have woke up to their parental abusers from a planet of dysfunctional ) take the abuse.

There is something said for NOT participating in victimhood...and that victimhood includes having been codependent for eons of time to point of self destruction. I believe 'turn the other check' was confused with slaps the WE have taken over and over again...(the abuse has NOT ended) and now its waaay past time to just ... 'get on the bus, Guz'.

I believe WE were always meant to get on that bus (always been up to US when we'd finally pack our bags and go...and NOT look back... or be cast in stone)... but our human compassion detoured us into 'rescuers' instead of 'examplars'...(following our own example/path) and we became instead...the example of the victim. This of course was our own lesson to be learned...but our choices...(stay or go) we've made up til' now...has often divided US rather than united US.

WE'VE become an example to many of 'victimhood'. Because for the most part we have not made ourselves happy here and have allowed ourselves instead to be tempted by reptilian (so called) leaders and have backed ourselves into a corner. Why are we not happy...?

Because in our progressed awareness...WE know within ourselves that we live to some degree EVERYDAY being compromised... and this compromise has created more FEAR... and many more to be tempted by the devils acting out of it.

I used to believe that ALL were of the same thread...I was innocent then to the frequency of the reptilian energy that I can only influence a change by ...'MOVING ON'.

(you said)
One of the greatest problems with our spiritual new age society is the act of continually saying "I don't want to be here on Earth." It is extremely damaging to repeat this over and over to ourselves -- consciously or unconsciously. What does your body-mind-soul make of this? What will it create in your life? I ask each of you to please think about this.

(I said) I don't think it is damaging at all...I think this is an indication of the 'waking up' process...WE are about to move into a higher vibrational home (fifth dimension) (waaay past due) and WE are feeling the New Day...and WE are in preparation for the move. WE are already pulling away in consciousness. The process of 'moving on' has begun and WE are about to leave the bus station. Granted...anyone who is still being totally entertained by this materialistic third dimensional world would NOT be saying this... but if you are bored here...(if you've learned your many lessons and have seen light...) and if you are bored of the mixed cocktail parties with the multiple of devils... then desiring to go to the next level is a GREAT POSITIVE!!!

Planet Earth is desiring to graduate...
and I personally have BEGGED/prayed to go to the next level...and I will let all those who would jump on the fifth dimensional bus do it out of their own desire and motivation...NOT by kicking and screaming. I will help where my help is desired ...always...but no longer will my own ego be attempted to force anyone (angel or devil) to cross the street ...if they don't want to go.

To LOVE ourselves is to save ourselves... (and it is ABSOLUTELY the only way we are saved to begin with). and if we do not LOVE ourselves enough to 'pack up' and get the hell away from the abuse...then we are guilty of creating this continuing vibration and no one else will ever LOVE/respect what WE say/feel for them.

To me...FORGIVENESS IS 'moving on'... Sorry to have written this so long...


From Cathy R.:

What does it mean to take your power?

For me it means not feeling afraid any more! As a younger women I persistently became involved with abusive men and consequently felt fear and helplessness many many times. Now I am older I find I would rather be without a partner than in a stifling relationship where my needs are not met on any level, where I am not cherished as an equal, where I am not given respect for my individuality.

What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God?

For me it means not feeling so lonely...someone is always listening! For many years, in fact most of my adult life I was spiritually bankrupt and therefore felt an emptiness inside that nothing could fill. Nowadays I am making an effort to build a relationship with my Creator and make my Creator a friend in my life. Like any relationship it has its ups and downs but because there IS a relationship happening I find I am making more powerful and life-fulfilling decisions and treating myself with much more respect.

What does it mean to awaken the Indigo light and vibration within you?

I'm not sure about this one as I have never heard of the concept until today but I do know that I have always been attracted to the colour of Indigo!


From Pascale B., Verfeuil France

What does it mean to take your power?

To take my power means to breath freely and to have my own space. It means to behave as much as I believe deeply with consciousness and compassion. Taking my power means being responsible of myself and trying not to hurt the others. To love mother earth and realize that I am responsible of my karma. To understand my old bad patterns and understand that to face them and transform my old patterns in positive ones is the key of being free and responsible of myself and that way I will find the real freedom.

What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God?

According to me, it means that we are all interdependent and we are all belonging to the cosmos. It means too breath here and now and to be present in reality. My self I consider I have no longer separation between me and the Buddhist philosophy. God is the world around me and mother earth. I belong to that world.

What does it mean to awaken the Indigo Light and vibration within you?

To awaken the indigo light and vibration means to be conscious to create peace and love around us and to love ourselves otherwise we can't love the others. Past is dead and living here and now consciously with love and compassion and deep understanding between one another could develop the indigo light.


From Kent D.:

What does it mean to take your power?

To be in my power 100% means that I fully and completely know every aspect of myself - spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically - and that I unconditionally love, trust and honor all of those aspects without reservation. And as we live in a holographic Universe where we all ultimately are part of one another, when I fully and completely know, love, trust and honor myself, I will also fully and completely know, love, trust and honor all other life in Creation. And that is what true power comes from.

What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God?

As part of the "ascension process" or spiritual reintegration process that many of us are going through right now, we are merging our conscious selves with our Higher Selves and Lower Selves (a.k.a. the subconscious or Inner Child). Our Higher Selves is that aspect of us that knows itself to be one with God. As I - my conscious self - merge with my Higher Self, I will on a more and more conscious level know myself to be one with God.

And as I know myself to be one with God, to be one with the Universe, it will be much more difficult to stay in judgment of others. My compassion and empathy will be able to grow tremendously, and I will be more prone to honor life in all of its forms.

What does it mean to awaken the Indigo light and vibration within you?

Indigo is the color of the Brow Chakra, inner awareness, intuition, imagination, etc. We contact our Higher Self and Inner Child through going within. Thus to me, awakening the Indigo light and vibration means becoming more attuned to my Higher Self and Inner Child and thus speeding up the process of reintegrating the three parts of myself into a whole and fully conscious entity that is one with God and all life in the Universe. Awakening to the Indigo light and vibration within gives me an express route to self-healing, self-empowerment and ending the separation between myself and God.


From Sarah,

What does it mean to take your power?

Taking your power is simply honoring self. Recognizing what does and does not nurture you. the inside you. all decisions, actions and reactions are based on nurturing self. This equals empowered living.

What does it mean to no longer have separation between yourself and God?

This is a result of taking your power. Your spiritual birthright is immediately known and revealed to you and your contract with "God" is understood. When that occurs, you are in complete harmony - sync - with "God" and with your spiritual plan on earth. (Many have a mystical experience when no separation between yourself and God occur and say that they have touched the face of God and therefore can never be the same).

My personal experience is that I had been "birthed" by the mother, and delivered by "the father" and was held deep within his heart/love. Do I feel separate any longer? no way!! Can I ever go back to the way I use to be prior to my mystical experience?? no way!

What does it mean to awaken the Indigo light and vibration within you?

This awakening moves a soul from individualization, to group consciousness or the collective consciousness. Work in spiritual realms (such as healing, readings, classes, etc.) now elevate to what is good for the "group" rather than for individuals within the group. The Indigo light is a group conscious raising light that benefits change for all mankind both spiritually and earthly.


From Julei B., Toronto

Dear Ken and fellow Earthmates, You posed challenging questions!

For myself, taking power began as a child finding and building "semi-permeable" boundaries for myself and eventually finding ways to teach/guide others to do so in small ways with daily practice. This refers to the property of selective filtration: letting in what is beneficial and keeping out what is not - as conscious choice with full compassion and Heart knowledge. My work brings me to many situations as 'midwife' in the literal pregnancy sense and the spiritual/metaphorical. I do childbirth work and community work where my role is to hold simply sacred space to honour and open space for spiritually-aware 'birthings', healings, and ceremonies. In this, I aim to place ego aside and serve to the best and highest interest of all. I love this work! It has permitted me to be a serve in people's lives in meaningful ways and honour my skills and purpose. When I serve in this manner, I feel fully connected to Spirit. My coworkers call it 'birth high."

Awakening Indigo light flows from this - or perhaps this flows from sourcing Indigo light. I know I feel different when this sourcing is 'on'. My children access it too - they are amongst those newer conscious ones arriving within the space Indigos have established. It is a privilege to share life with all the ones like this - and in childbirth work, I am seeing more and more of them.


From Kita:

1. What does it mean to take our power?

It is my understanding that to take our power is to master our own existence with heart and awareness: to express the power of love and no longer the love of power through any of our breaths, thoughts, words and deeds; to love ourselves with unconditional love and thus any other living being (human beings, animals, plants, rocks, house, car, ...); to be aware that we co-create every single event that is happening in our life; that there is no victim; to be joyful, compassionate, grateful, peaceful whatever the event we face; to love without any judgment our dark inner spaces to transmute them; to be aware that we are responsible for any of our words/deeds/choices; to be aware that what we think is what we create; to be aware that we have always the choice; to listen to our intuition; to live our sexuality with heart and consciousness as a springboard towards the other multidimensional aspects of ourselves; to be aware that the perception of! the outer world reflects our inner world (the outer world reflects our inner world and vice versa); to know that what we give is what we receive; to know that like attracts like; to treat the others as we would like to be treated (other humans, animals, the plants, our house, car, etc.); to be aware that there is no separation; to be aware that when we eat we merge with the spirit of the animal/plant, likewise when we drink; to be aware that there is no separation from the Source and therefore that we are unlimited; to embody all the lifetimes in this one.

2. What does it mean to no longer have separation between myself and God?

Separation is just an illusion we have chosen to believe in for our experience on Earth. It is just an experience. However there is no such thing as separation between the Source/God/Great Spirit/Allah,... and us, for we have always been, are, and will be always connected direct to the Source: we are incarnated divine sparks having an experience on Earth in a human form. The divine spark we originated from chose as a vehicle a soul which chose the physical body we have in this life time. Therefore we all carry within the divine spark of unconditional love and light, all of us, every single atom in the universe. Thus we are all multidimensional beings connected to each others. Therefore there is no separation between us and any other particles/atoms in the Universe. So this is why for me there is no separation, it is only a question of perception we have chosen to believe in or not.

3. What does it mean to awaken the Indigo light and vibration within us?

Awakening the indigo light and vibration within us and thus all around us, is for me, to develop our inner vision, our innate sense of discernment, to enlarge our awareness on our unlimitedness; it is also to bring spirit into matter through our sexuality, words, thoughts and deeds; to be aware that at anytime we CO-create with our soul the reality that we experience (in other terms that our soul manifests every single event which occurs in our life).

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