Subconscious Patterns

We believe that each of us continue to test ourselves by energetically finding people to reflect our issues. We do this normally on only three to five major issues, over and over again. We are no longer in the present moment – we are ‘out of time’ – stuck in an energetic loop of energy that we do not understand.  Our subconscious mind reaches out and looks for energy patterns similar to what we still need to master in our lives. Our subconscious then attracts that issue to us, like a magnet. That person now standing in front of us is a mirror image of the things we need to look at within ourselves.

Perhaps we have forgotten exactly what we came to Earth to experience, learn and master. Even if we do not remember what those choices were, during our present life, we will energetically draw those experiences. Whatever we attract will reflect those things we have come to experience and master, whether it be in a business or in a personal relationship.

For example, let us say we are mastering the fear of taking our power. Going back to a past life in the 1600’s in England, we find ourselves in a life or death situation. In that life some people might not have liked us because we had the ability to heal. Maybe it was with our touch, our understanding of herbs or maybe we simply had some God given talent. Because we were different, people were afraid of us. They might not have understood what we were doing and thus, perceived it as magic or evil. Taking it further, what if in that life the church declared us a witch? What if they took us from our home and tied us up? What if they made us confess to doing something wrong? Here we are, a healing, loving person and now we are hurt, angry and suffering. Just as we are in the middle of all that pain, those feelings and emotions, we are killed. We die in a confused state. Even though we are dead, our spirit still needs to understand why this has happened to us.

Everything that ever happened to any one of us must be understood emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. We understood physically what had happened to us in that past life because we were told we were a witch or we were an evil person. However emotionally, mentally and spiritually it would still be confusing. We had not understood why we had to be killed for our passion or for doing what we loved.

At the moment we die, aspects of ourselves ascend and go back to God or to a collective consciousness. In that process, we reflect back on the lifetime we just experienced in order to make sense of what had happened to us. We look at it just like it was a movie, stopping at every single feeling and emotion we did not understand. We go all the way back to the beginning before we were born, when we were with God just coming into that life, to remember what we had come in to learn. We always come to learn some form of love, but in that particular life even though we loved what we were doing, we ended up experiencing pain, suffering, torture and death. As a result of such confusion over many lifetimes, an aspect of our subconscious decides it is not safe to love, not safe to take our power or not safe to be who we are. We believe each of us has one or more of these programs, deep inside our subconscious minds, playing out in the lives we are living today. We end up using these energetic programs to attract other people to test our self love, our personal power and our definition of who we are. Understanding these three areas is a vital part of our spiritual journey.

Stepping Fully Into Our Personal Power

The most common challenge many have when working on their connection with God and in mastering the conditions placed on love, is stepping fully into their power. In our experience over these years, the average person in an altered state, says they are using almost ninety percent of their energy to keep themselves from taking their own power and to keep themselves out of love ! In the past, many of us gave our power away. We eventually had to stop this, for the people we gave our power to were actually using it against us. The question then becomes, when we stop giving our power away, why are we hesitant or fearful to claim it for ourselves? There are three likely answers. The first one is we are all moving into instantaneous creation. Each day we find this to be true - have a thought and very soon, that thought changes our physical reality. For example, think about someone and they call you on the phone. We begin to know what is going to happen before it does.

Instantaneous creation is the most common vibration shared by all other dimensions. We are presently moving into these dimensions. Just how many are really ready to move into instantaneous creation? This might sound like a great thing; however, unless we are totally peaceful, feeling unconditional love for ourselves, having unconditional compassion for ourselves and others and have experienced all forms of earthly creation, would we be really be ready? Could we be responsible for the next thought that comes into our mind if it would create a completely different Earth or a completely different physical reality for us?

The second thing that might be keeping us from taking our power is how that experience might actually look and change our lives. What if, in the next few moments, someone snapped their fingers and said, “You are now a thousand times more powerful than you have ever been in the past.” How would this look to you? How would you feel? How would that change you?

Unless we fully understand our 'story' and why we have created our life experiences: why we picked our parents, our spouses, our choices both good and bad - how could we trust ourselves to create different experiences, to not create more of the same? Unless we fully understand what we have already created physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, we could subconsciously create more of the same past patterns in our future life.

The third reason we may not be willing to step fully into our power is: we have been taught our entire lives to co-create with others. Each of us are individually - a Creator. If we can not accept or do not realize that we are creators and rather, attempt to only be co-creators, we will continue to judge the creations of others based on our belief of what they could or should be creating. Only when we first acknowledge ourselves as a creator and fully realize we are solely responsible for the creation of our own life experiences, can we truly co-create with any other person.

The truth is: everyone’s creation is absolutely perfect. Who is to say one person is a better creator than another? Think about it. If we are all creating situations to test ourselves so we can evolve and be more like God, then who is to say another person’s creation, whether it is uglier or harsher then we might create for ourselves, isn’t exactly what they need in order to understand their life’s purpose?

Our subconscious patterns will continue to test our self love, our personal power and our definition of who we are. Understanding that will allow us to fully step forward and take our own personal power.