Entering the Metaphysical World
by Ken Page

A few months ago, I received another inquiry seeking advice about entering into the metaphysical world. This was not the first time the question has been asked. I’ve put a lot of thought into providing some helpful advice. It would be easy to say this is a glamorous life and there is lots of support. That is not always how it is. Our world is a competitive place, and having the job of spiritual teacher is no different.

The business of spiritual healing also exists in a world where nothing is the way that it appears to be. Before considering this profession, you should go through a lot of personal surrendering. In my opinion, metaphysics has inter-woven ties to the religious world and all of those belief systems. It is necessary to be goal-oriented and very focused on what you choose to teach and create.

Being a professional in every way is so important. Think about being a famous singer, actor or author. Look at the many stories of hardships for many before finding their place of success. Your message carries the most importance. Sharing about guides, angels or some being outside your realm will be more popular than a technique on self-empowerment. There are actually only a small number of people who may be open to new ideas or beliefs and ready to fully take their own power. The victim vs. savior duality is very old and we constantly look at this issue in metaphysics. More than six billion people on this planet, yet the United States consists of only approximately four percent of that population. Within the United States, how many are actually spiritual - open to really feeling your message? Unless you are ready to teach a few people at a time, you may at first become disappointed. When you still have to earn a living however, you really need more individuals to show up. The greatest challenge is not to compromise your message for more popularity and greater financial rewards. Easier said than done. The important viewpoint is - it is your path and you are sharing so others can awaken something within themselves.

Just about every thought and concept has already been taught in one way or another. It’s necessary that you find a new way of sharing your information; one that can be seen and heard differently than what is already ‘out there’. If you have ever attended a Gregg Braden workshop with the music, slide show presentation, his speaking, dress and stage presence - then you’ve been to the best. Gregg is a true professional, a master of the material that he shares. As a participant, you can feel his total dedication throughout your entire being. He has perfected the art of ‘show biz’ to spread his message. Metaphysics is, after all, part show business.

Your ability to be creative will be very important. There have been many very popular authors that were not comfortable being on a stage. They had no practice with public speaking and found themselves suddenly in the public limelight; yet remained uncomfortable with groups and their dynamics. It showed. Does that matter? Yes, it will in the long run. A good public speaker continues to attract people over and over. An author or workshop facilitator who is not proficient on stage will not continue to draw crowds. There was one occasion when I watched a popular author at a public gathering. There were probably 1,000 people in the room. He felt that the lights on stage were too bright, so he asked them to be lowered. During the entire hour, all you could see was his shadow. Public speaking is very important; this is after all, a business. You at least need an opportunity to get your message out and this is one way.

Practice - practice. It is so important. Your consistency is what will set you apart. Trust that you are the best of the best in what you share. That is a vibration you will have that others can feel. It is the goal. The polarity of being right or wrong and being judged is something that one never gets used to; no amount of compassion will help others to release their ideas or judgments of your message. You are already different. I find the judgment of other teachers in their belief that what I share might have an effect on their own message to be challenging. They feel threatened, as it their livelihood could be affected. That is why I have said it would be easier to have another source of income. Then the energetic dynamics of others will not be as difficult. Where I got caught was the judgments of others on my spiritual truths. I had naturally thought I would be treated in a spiritual way. For me, the hardest part was the indifferent feelings of others in response to my work. Those emotions may be normal when someone is being challenged; I was just not prepared. After a while it no longer bothered me. While having a great deal of compassion for them, I remained on my path, staying away from judging others. That can be tough, for I believe all of us, In our heart of hearts, would love to be part of a spiritual family, and call other teachers brother or sister.

The best way of dealing with the information you share may be to just give it out and cut it loose. Some parts of your message will stick and some of it will not. Until people are ready for what you have to offer, they may not remember you. They will however, connect to the insights you share and will remember who they are themselves and the connection to their own Higher Self. Guess what? You did your job and would like to have that pat on the back. Yet who actually knows how well you did? I think that is why the spiritual path feels lonely. It is after all, only you and God in Oneness.

I get the greatest high when I share and the group ‘gets’ the full intent of my message. I feel like I could almost fly. I cherish those moments - because the next day I have to start all over again. Think of yourself as a one man or one woman show. The audience pays good money to see you, so they will have an opportunity to judge your performance. Remembering that fact, I always work at giving more than what the participants come for - I am just not sure that is right. Probably, I ought to withhold some information or teach less so everyone wants to come back for more. This will be something you have to decide for yourself. Unless you are really good, totally dedicated to Spirit and your work, willing to give everything up, it might not be something you want to begin. You just have to trust in that quiet unknown voice in your heart and let everything else go. Metaphysical people are in their own process most of the time. The intensity of their journey can appear bizarre or strange. For many people, that will be too intense. After all, everyone is only doing their very best, while being totally out of control, fighting for power of the unknown. This is not a pretty picture. It is better if you get into spiritual work slowly - attempting to complete your understanding of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual layers as you move forward. The driving force is that continual voice in your heart, the something inside of you that continues to search and explore. You almost become obsessed to find that connection; sometimes with something you do not yet know. Going to many workshops, listening to lots of teachers, reading every book you can get your hands on; all in an attempt to understand what that feeling or connection might be and how to keep it or control it.

You may have had an unfortunate experience with a trusted teacher or a group you thought held the key to your spiritual information. You gave yourself about 110% or more to be a part of this group, only to find out later about the human factor - like sex, control, power - rock and roll. Then you realized you were giving your energy away. Not understanding, you begin asking questions of the group or teacher and the response you received was anger, criticism or judgment. What happened? You began taking back your power. The teacher was upset and the group felt threatened by your self-empowerment. So you were asked you to leave. My clients have related virtually every version of this story. The human factor will be the hardest to bring in to your spiritual awareness. One difficult lesson is: you learn by looking at what you fear. Your fears therefore will become your strengths. How do you then look and understand your fears without becoming trapped in this old quagmire of karmic quicksand? So forward you go, one step at a time and do not look back.

Here are some important things you might consider before you start a spiritual teaching career:
1) Be financially supported outside of the metaphysical world with two or three years of savings

2) Be healthy, look good and feel good about yourself

3) Practice public speaking. You want to be good at this. Learn about group dynamics, body language. The toast masters may be a club you want to join.

4) Understand the information you share. Be aware of what others are teaching. Find a good way of explaining your message without being critical or passing judgment on other teachers. The more you know, the easier this will be.

5) Do not be afraid to say ‘I don’t know’. Study and read other philosophies, writings and theories, especially those that are in alignment with your own message. Go to workshops and see how successful teachers are sharing. Find out how do others advertise? Look at magazines and publications in your area to start. Who sponsors other teachers? Find a group you feel can support your message. See if you can help each other. At least 35-50% of my time is given away. How do other teachers present themselves? How do they dress? How do they handle questions? It is helpful to study the best so you will not have as many challenges in the beginning.

6) You will need someone to help you. It takes a full-time person to keep me on the road. Have a website. Create an information tape to give away - one that explains your work. Share your information willingly. Prepare a good flyer or brochure. Get professional pictures taken in good lighting (look spiritual)

7) Be sure to get help in any way that you can to look professional. It’s okay if you are not great at everything. You may need help with your advertising. Be effective with each of your dollars. In a lot of cases if you advertise in local spiritual publications they also allow you to write an article. Try not to get too complicated with your message - keep it uplifting.

8) Write a book . It can be just a small one, only 100 pages. Use print-on-demand - there are several companies on the internet that can help you self-publish. It may cost as little as $400.00 to publish your book. Order a small quantity. Some companies can put it on Amazon.com or other popular internet shopping malls.

9) Be open to giving free talks. Write articles for magazines. Check out speaking on different radio shows. Give yourself the time to get the exposure. Being patient is not always easy.

10) People will want to volunteer their time to help you. Be open and yet cautious of their motivations. Keep a good balance with those you work with and do the best you can not to take advantage of their help.

Again, it is good to be an author. Those teachers that are very good in the spiritual community are those that stay with the message that people want in their inner being and hearts.

Keep your personal life personal. Stay away from getting involved with anyone; it’s good not to complicate your own life. The physical world may feel like it is coming after you like bees to honey. Just remember, it is not you. It is only that suddenly you are thought about as a holy man or woman. I recommend always saying you are happily married or in a long term relationship. There will be lots of projections onto you. It is high energy and easy to fall into various addictions. You may want to review this chosen career in a three to five year plan. You may have to give 50% of your time away in order for other people to even want to know you. Have a normal job where people won't judge your spiritual life. You may even choose to keep your spiritual life a secret. Don't tell anyone at your real job what you are doing in your personal life. Look for a job where you get off half a day on Fridays and have flexible weekends so you can teach classes or workshops or do healing work.

If you have a family, a wife, husband, children – this work could be pretty hard on them and on you. There is a demand that you will not believe when people outside of your family become needy. Have good boundaries with yourself and with others. People comfortable in their victim/savior role may want you to save them. It is easy to become stuck in that type of energy for it is older than time and endless. It always helps to remember that you are not responsible for the creations of others.

Always be professional and businesslike. Don't judge. Do your best to be compassionate. Have good business hours - never take calls after eight o’clock at night or during late hours. You will need to be good on the computer, have a fax machine. A 1-800 number is always good, or a number that is easy to remember.

I have put hundreds of thousands of dollars into my work and dedicated my life to follow my own spiritual path. Trust what you know and believe in it to the point that others can feel your words when you speak; feel your teachings to be honest and clear and feel that your work is genuine. Good luck and God Bless your path.

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