Ideas on Dimensional INscension

Let’s ask THE question we all want to know:

Why am I here on Earth and what is my purpose?
Why did I choose this place?

Perhaps the real question may be: Are we creators or are we victims? It seems impossible to conceive we would have purposely created some of the things which occur in our life. We believe we have chosen to be here on Earth in order to master all the conditions that we, as humans, have placed on love. Our realm of creation is made up of many conditions. Love on one side, fear and hate on the other and every single thing we can create here on Earth falls in between. This includes war, killing, hurt, pain, guilt, humility, trust, abandonment, abundance, betrayal, happiness, love and gentleness.

So, how do we master all the conditions we put on love? We begin by choosing the individuals who will be our parents. The energetic patterns around them may be what attracted our spirit to them. Their issues and energy would be exactly the reflection of the conditions we would need to understand and to master within ourselves to achieve unconditional self-love. We use those same energetic patterns to subconsciously continue attracting people, relationships and experiences in order to review our issues and learn. Think about it: if you came to Earth and mastered every condition you had placed on what love is, what it should look like, how it should be, how you should give love, how love should be received …, you would end up having compassion for all of creation. Imagine that !

If you experienced every single way of creating on Earth, you would have unconditional compassion for creation, recognizing all other humans as creators and their creations as perfect for them.

Each one of us really only has about three to five major issues that we use to keep testing ourselves. We energetically find and attract those people who can reflect our issues, for our subconscious mind reaches out and looks for energy patterns that will be similar to whatever it is we still need to master in our own life. Our subconscious mind attracts these patterns like a magnet. Each person we meet is a mirror image of those things/issues we need to look at within ourselves, reflecting everything we are to master in this life. We use subconscious programs to attract other people to test our self love, our personal power and our definitions of who we are. Understanding these areas becomes a vital part of our spiritual journey.

The most common challenge many people seem to have in making their connection to God is they have not fully stepped into their power. In the past we may have given our power away. We stopped doing this when we discovered that the individuals to whom we had given our power, were actually using that power against us. Why would we use energy to keep ourselves from taking our own power and keep ourselves out of love? One answer may be : the shifting of consciousness is moving us into the time of instantaneous creation. We have already experienced this for ourselves: We have a thought and then, watch that thought manifest into reality; think of someone and they call us, feel something is about to happen and then witness it occur. Yet, how many of us are actually ready to move into that space of instantaneous creation? Unless we are totally peaceful with a quiet mind, feel unconditional love for ourselves, have unconditional compassion for others and experience all forms of creation, would we really be ready? Do we want to be totally responsible for the next thought that comes from our mind? What if that thought would create a completely different reality here on Earth? What if instantaneous creation is the common vibration shared by all the dimensions? Are we ready?

Secondly, what would happen to us if we really did take our full power? How would our life change? What if, in a snap of our fingers, we could realize ourselves as a thousand times more powerful then we had ever been in the past? Do we fully understand why we created our life, why we chose our parents, why we chose our spouse, why we created everything that has ever happened to us, including the good and the bad?

Most of us have been taught our entire life to co-create with others. We suggest that we must first, realize that we are a creator ourselves. If we do not accept responsibility for our own creations, we may begin to judge the creations of others. We do this by thinking we know what is best for them, thinking they are a victim, or that their creations/life experiences should change, solely based upon our own beliefs of what is right. When we recognize that we are creators and all other humans are also creators, we can truly accept and become aware of the reasons for our life experiences. Only then can we really co-create with another human/creator. Everyone’s creation is absolutely perfect. Who is to say that any of us is a better creator than any other? Since we are all creating situations to test ourselves in order to evolve and be more like God, then who could say that the creation of another is better or less than what we might create for ourselves?

Many of us also perceive our issues coming faster and faster, feeling as if time is speeding up. This may appear to be true, for when we become aware that we are creating our very moments, when we become present within each of these moments, there is no time and no space. Everything begins to slow down. Unless we are actively pursuing our passion, doing what we loved, having time slow down could feel as if we were trapped. So, how do we stay balanced and present in the moment? Simply by doing the things we love, being fully aware of our issues, recognizing our creations and being physically healthy and active. We can then choose to leave the two-dimensional world where the aspects of polarity or duality exist. We can release our need to think of good vs. evil, light vs. dark, positive vs. negative, right vs. wrong or even male vs. female. We can then actually move into our own three dimensional reality, the holographic space in time that is ‘The Moment’.

What else might be keeping us out of being in the moment? When we are full of all our feelings and emotions of the past, how do we really know how we should feel? How much of us is fully present in our body to begin with? So many of us have not felt energetically safe to be in our body because somebody else was hurting us or using us or violating our space. At some point we may have decided, 'I don't want to be here.' Maybe we decided to be out of our body to protect ourselves so nobody could hurt us. Maybe we are out because we are part of God and we are everywhere. What becomes important is to be able to bring ourselves back and be totally conscious and totally present in our bodies.

What we're talking about here is INscension. INscension is being fully present in our body with conscious awareness. Our purpose here on Earth is not about ascension. We probably got caught up in dissension while trying to achieve ascension and now the only way out is INscension! Until we are fully present and conscious here, we are not going anywhere else. Why or how could we move on if we haven't yet mastered this dimension? Let's talk about this dimension for a moment. Do most of us act like two dimensional beings in a three dimensional reality? Two dimensional aspects are polarities or dualities such as good and evil, light and dark, positive and negative, male and female.

The third dimensional reality is more than we have imagined.If we could fully be present and BE in the moment, we could create and connect with any other dimension or reality, here now in this space. This is because our dimension is holographic. Maybe that is what makes us so important. Maybe by being in 'The Moment' we have the ability to collapse time, thereby affecting all other realities.

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