Everyone I know is saying things are going faster and faster and that the frequency of the earth appears to be changing. I have personally experienced, by being and staying in the moment, that there is no time and things are slowing down. What would be the challenge if, all of a sudden, everything slowed down or stopped? If we were not in our passion, doing what we loved to do, I guarantee this would feel like we were in hell. What are these changing frequencies doing to our physical body? I believe it intensifies everything we are looking at and makes time appear to be going faster. It intensifies our emotional body, our nervous system and our physical body. What becomes important during this time of change is for us to truly be in the moment, not looping or thinking about things in our past, and doing what we love to do, as often as possible.

Is there even a way of being fully present in the moment, in our bodies with conscious awareness? Strangely enough, some of the most effective and powerful techniques for being fully present were taught in the most ancient of mystery schools. Perhaps, until we are fully present and conscious here on Earth, we are not going anywhere else. Why or how could we move on if we haven't yet mastered this dimension?

Let's talk about this dimension. I believe many of us act like two dimensional beings in a three dimensional reality. The two dimensional aspects are the polarities or dualities of our reality such as good and evil, light and dark. I believe our third dimension is more than we have imagined. By this I mean if we could be fully present and be in the moment, we could create and connect with any other dimension or reality, here and now in this space. This is because our dimension is holographic and so are we.

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