This article is written by Marsha Saskia Andreola,
a client, sponsor, practitioner, and friend of Ken Page.

It was the fall of 1992 and my mind was awakening to the reality that I was under psychic attach by very sophisticated dimensional beings. I had done enough work on myself to discern the difference between my psyche and the influences of other intelligences. In the attacks I would experience a strong presence/pressure closing in on me, difficulty breathing, a tightly closed throat, a churning 3rd chakra, frazzled nerves, a clouded mind, and a shaky, sick, fearful feeling pervading my aura. Along with the attacks there was the constant barrage of other minds berating me. Some times I could pick up on their strategies but I was not adept enough to be free of them on my own.

Why this was happening was mostly a mystery to me. I understood some levels of it, however, I felt like a "victim". This was difficult to reconcile with my metaphysical training that "I create my own reality." Why would I create psychic attacks, disempowerment, and financial difficulties for myself? In my eyes I was a devoted, sincere, spiritual Being pursuing my path as a visionary artist. I looked around me and saw that many in the New Age/metaphysical community were in varying degrees of similar situations. Only most of them were "owning" everything that happened to them. Few dared to think along the lines of "psychic attack" and "possession" as being part of the situation.

I had taken a workshop that summer with Drunvalo Melchizedek. He had spoken of the clearing/healing work his nephew, Ken Page was doing. In the depth of my being, I somehow knew that Ken was the only one sophisticated and experienced enough to deal with the masterful dimensional minds that were affecting me. So in February '93 two friends and I co-sponsored Ken Page to present a workshop and offer private sessions in our area.

I met Ken at the airport clutching a little rubber dolphin, my knees knocking, my aura about to burst. He took one look at me and cheerfully said, "Let's get to work on you. You'll be a lot more fun after that." As we drove to my session he shared the empathic, kinesthetic impressions he was picking up from me, "See how that pressure is closing down your crown chakra now - feel that shift in the tone in your ear - and on, and on. I was amazed at how precise he was and how valuable it was to have these sensations mirrored back to me.

As we got ready for my session, Ken showed me the goosebumps on his arm explaining that this was his personal signal that strong multidimensional negativity was present. It was so comforting to my psyche that he could physically perceive the invisible influences which I had been struggling with. Trusting fully in his abilities, I opened to the session.

The directions were easy - to always say the very first thing that came into my mind. That would be my subconscious and higher self speaking. The second voice would be my ego wanting to edit the information so that it would conform to my belief structures. I prided myself on a pretty expansive view of reality so I thought "piece of cake". Wrong, major wrong. When you work with a man like Ken Page who has astute empathic-kinesthetic-telepathic abilities, highly sophisticated experience with multidimensional negativity (and light) and is a balanced, spiritually connected being - you are working with a powerhouse. You combine that with the basic metaphysical person whose dimensional dharmic missions have created a galactic Indiana Jones profile and - you can blaze past every reality and belief structure you ever gripped onto. Frankly, this is my kind of fun. Though I did not know until that day that it was possible to go beyond my own imagination. How could one possible do that? Yet that is exactly where your higher self-unconscious will lead you if you are willing to face your deepest, darkest fears. What lies beyond the confines of your own reality? Everyone finds their own adventures. For me, it has meant actualizing the long dream of becoming more "holographic" - more dimensionally connected (including becoming more connected in the physical 3-D).

Back at the session, my reality stretching began with questions about my personal symbols. They were black, red, gross, and ugly. "You're doing great," Ken said. What? How come my symbols weren't "spiritual"? (I've since learned more about the connection between symbols, spells, and consciousness.)

Ken went on to dialogue with the thought forms around me. He called for a light to come and assist them so that they could evolve. I expected to see glistening faerie dust, or some such, yet what I saw was - grey. Then black. Ken quickly had the dolphin and whale consciousness which he works with spinning clear nets of light around the grey and black energies. We then rose into the higher levels of sophisticated multidimensional negativity. I became the mouthpiece so that Ken could dialogue with these Beings. It was most unique to experience myself, a "spiritual light being", channeling the grimmest of the grim. I felt their essence, thoughts, motivations, and strategies. I was now in their space. Ken's adeptness (which he later described as "creating a safe space") allowed me to stretch my reality so these Beings, who were communicating through me, could be assisted with their evolution by being sent into the light.

Ken asked me how many lifetimes I had been pursuing these energies. Wait a minute, I've been pursuing them?! Ken explained in his seminar that many of us have taken on missions to balance negativity. We seek these energies out, holding them around us until we can balance them. The pieces of my mystery puzzle were coming together.

As Ken sent the thought forms and dimensional negativity into the light, a peacefulness came over me, and my knees finally stopped knocking. He moved to the heaviness over my heart and chest which is usually where the lost souls (entities) hang out. The story that unfolded still amazes me to this day.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was an ethereal ET-faerie Being on a beautiful planet with the rest of my clan. Our clan was fully empathic-telepathic so that I couldn't quite tell who I was at first. A group of strange Beings approached. Feeling curious, we waited. The strangers (who my 1993 ego recognized as crude barbarians) were equally curious of us. They were intrigued by our beauty and pawed at a member of our clan (which I experienced as me) ripping right through the body. The clan, all experiencing the destruction of the one, froze in shock. The barbarians, not understanding the effects of their actions, proceeded to rape and destroy the entire 1,000 members of the clan except for one faerie who was hidden from view behind some rocks. It was clear to me then that I was the lone survivor who held the empathic-telepathic experience of the clan's destruction. Ken assisted me to recognize that I also was holding the whole clan of tortured fairies in my auric field to keep them safe until they could be returned to the light. Can you imagine holding that kind of energy in your aura (for several lifetimes)? I was dumfounded, shocked. My concept of who I thought I was floated parsecs (trillions of interstellar miles) behind me. We sent the whole clan safely into the light and an indescribable weight lifted off of me.

Then we went into the regressions. Ken uses hand scanning to pick up the cellular imprints emanating from the body. These imprints are created by traumas which energetically leave a mark on the etheric body. Ken begins with the most highly charged imprint and leads the client to the originating point of the trauma. When the trauma is understood from a larger, more holographic perspective, the hidden beliefs which create dysfunctional patterns in our current life are revealed. Recognizing the greater truth releases the imprint, shifting the "victimized" experience into a balanced state of empowerment. Exploring these traumas is where you face your fears.

By the end of the session I was peaceful, calm and still. The dimensional minds which had been berating me were gone (and they have not returned). I had a lot to integrate, yet I knew there was more to explore.

A few days later, in my little house in the woods, I had my second session with Ken. I had brought out a number of my paintings because I wanted to know more about my work with painting glyphs and dimensional Beings. The session focused on one lifetime on Earth where I was a pioneer-like woman living alone in the woods. I was attacked by a bear outside my cabin. I stabbed the bear with my knife and we both died. I was very sad because I knew we had not wanted to hurt each other. The strength of my feelings led to the recognition that the bear was still in my aura, was in love with me, and was interfering with my current relationships. Ken had me look at the knife. Instead of a simple metal style, I saw a beautiful crystal lazar-like wand with a silver blade. It was magical. It also seemed out of context with the surroundings and times. Ken had me explore inside my little cabin. I saw so many details that I felt as if I was actually there. Everywhere there were artifacts and simple paintings, all with symbols and glyphs on them. I had made them for specific purposes, painting or beading each symbol carefully. Again it all seemed out of context, there was something that I wasn't getting. Ken helped me to see what was right before my eyes, yet so difficult to accept. Suddenly I knew - I was a spellbreaker. My mind went silent, maybe numb, as my body vibrated in recognition. I was exposed to my own truth with nowhere to hide.

Stunned, I "walked" outside and another shock wave hit me as I realized that the bear had been my human lover, transformed into the bear by a powerful magician, and sent to kill me. The magician and I had pursued each other for many lifetimes, through many realities. The rest of the sessions flowed easily. I remembered something of the dimension the magician and I came from, how he had been lost in the realms of duality, and why it was important to bring him home. Ken had me complete my dharmic mission by having me be the one who took the magician, and the missing shard home. He was restored to his true nature, and the dimensional beings whom I have consciously worked with as colleagues for the last few years were released from their disguises, freed from hiding. The bear/lover was sent on into the light and I was joyously reunited with my star family, having completed an important assignment.

It was all very wondrous and thrilling except for one small detail that slowly dawned on me over the next few days. I looked around at my current little house in the woods, looked at all of my paintings of glyphs and symbols, looked at my dear sweet cat named Magic, and knew that I had come back here once again, to be a spellbreaker, How in contemporary, 1993 was I going to pull that off? More importantly, how was I going to do that and survive?

I had several Heart & Soul Healing sessions with Ken since then. I have spent time training with him so that I could learn his method of working and expand my path of service. My understanding of the geometry and symbols in people's auric fields is unfolding quickly and I know it will play a significant role in my work with clearing and my art.

When I look at the many nightmares which I have experienced in both this and other realms, I see that I have been well trained and prepared for the work that I am now to do. I never thought that my soul's passion would be found in the midst of horror and fear. Always I hold close to me that moment of transformation and the knowing that any and all consciousness can shift in the flash of reflection. Holding that knowing, and daring to feel, is now part of how I create a safe space for myself. Safe enough for me to do my work with symbols and dimensional spellbreaking.

As a last note, if certain minds are wondering, "Are these stories real?", may I suggest that this question has no single answer and will keep the mental wheels spinning indefinitely. I find it far more useful to ask, "How do these stories affect me?" Then what I can tell you is that when the truth of our inner stories is revealed, it creates transformation. And that transformation is very real.

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