The Holiday Gift

This Holiday season, we would like to give you a GIFT. Each Holiday past holds a memory, good or sad. Some of you may even hold the memory of one holiday that was truly wonderful, often comparing each following holiday season. The holding on to that memory can bring about disappointment, resulting in the emotion of sadness. This holiday season, let go of ALL memories of holidays past by using the following simple 'Pattern Release Technique':

Old energy patterns can keep you out of the present moment. A good time to use this technique is while taking a bath. Plan for fifteen to thirty undisturbed minutes. Take off your jewelry, including your rings. Light a candle to represent a spiritual person you admire, such as Krishna, Sai Baba, Moses, Jesus, Mother Mary, or Buddha. Picture them with you. Feel the unconditional love this spiritual person reflects and recognize that place of love inside yourself.

Stare at the flame and release old feelings, thoughts, programs, issues, and fears. Allow them to flow through you. Say them either out loud or in silence. Your intention to clear yourself is most important.

Begin by releasing the things you are afraid of, such as losing your job,getting older, being poor, sick, or alone. Next release thoughts, feelings, and emotions you are holding, such as guilt, anger, hate, abandonment, separation, betrayal, grief, sorrow, or sadness. Release feelings of being helpless, hopeless, used, or trapped. Release feelings of pain and jealousy. Release all the feelings and projections of others that you have bought into. During the release, make an intention to keep the wisdom gained from these events and feelings.

Next, I want you to do something different and unique. I want you to release all the positive memories you are holding on to from your past. Are you holding on to the best Christmas you remember? Or the best present you ever received? Your first car or favorite home? Your first great love? Your proudest moment? A happy, loving time with your family? Food, sunsets, flowers--release it all.

How many of you are holding these positive past events and feelings and using them to judge every experience you create today? Are you comparing every kiss or embrace today to an experience you had in the past? Release every positive experience from your past that is keeping you from being in the present moment and experiencing things for the first time.

During the release, make an intention to keep the wisdom, joy, and love from these positive past events. All you're doing is releasing the energetic charges you are holding on to which are still causing you to have judgements and comparisons today.

Once you've released all the charged negative and positive experiences from your past, shower or bathe with fresh water.

Positive experiences often have more of an energetic charge than your fears. Think about it. We do our best to heal the negative things from our past, but we do not realize we are also comparing positive experiences. Releasing all charged memories is a helpful technique to aid us in staying present in the moment.

By letting go of even the good memories and allowing ourself to be present in the moment of This Holiday season, just for itself, we will have a choice we may have never had before. We will have the choice of LOVE, the space where miracles can occur.

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