The Creative Human Gate
and Living Light Language

Times are certainly moving fast. As a matter of fact, they are moving so fast we no longer have time to think about what is happening. The old days of spending hours in our minds thinking about things over and over seems to be at an end.

Times are certainly moving fast. They are moving so fast we no longer have time to think about what is happening. The old days of spending hours in our mind thinking certainly seem to be at an end.

Instantaneous creation: Is this what is meant by the shift in Consciousness? Now the question may be: ‘What do I truly want and desire in my life and can I hold on to things that no longer are true for me?” We all feel the need for self-truth, exploring and looking at what pleases us. Our passion becomes the most important thing. What is our passion and what does it look like? For each of us, that is as different as music, painting, riding horses, walking, being out in nature or writing. Whatever truly really excites us is our passion.

When my own Higher Self first began the process of channeling, I thought I would communicate some great words of wisdom. I was excited, wondering what those special words would be. Would I be aware of what I was channeling? Would I be an unconscious trance channel? Part of me was hoping I would not have to listen to a tape to find out what I had actually said. How many of us would want to speak and share important truths and then find the time to actually listen to ourselves? I found that thought amusing. I soon realized I could actually be channeling energy from another reality. So I practiced being clear energetically. The more I stayed in my passion, practiced bringing a good feeling of love into myself, the easier I found it to be the energetic vibration of the information itself. This was exactly what each of us were already doing! Each of us has chosen to be conscious channels, meaning to be aware and channel a new energy or a new vibration so others can recognize that quality within themselves.

Being a conscious channel feels like standing in an energetic gate or portal. Our vibration would be enough to hold open two realities. There are thousands of different gates or portals found in different spiritual trainings. Symbols and sacred geometry provide us with clues on being conscious channels of information. Each time we see a symbol, a little spark inside us is ignited. These sparks are the internal gates into our minds that release energy or knowledge when we are ready. They allow us to create our reality, moment by moment.

Perhaps one of the reasons geometry has been so important to our development is as a result of what I call ‘Living Light Language’. Try this experiment: Just for a moment close your eyes and gently place your forefingers on the outer most upper edge of your eyelids. As you do this, you will begin to see colors or shapes on the sides of each of your eyes. Slowly, bring the patterns on each side into the center of your vision, by your nose. Keep focusing until the patterns from both sides match. This is an easy way to balance the right and left sides of your brain. Once the pattern is balanced, you will see geometry appearing on sheets or like a wall coming towards you. This is the way your mind receives information. Stay focused and you will then ‘Living Light Language’ . Be open to feel the message or information. By continuing to pick a point you will start seeing through the different layers and your experience and information will become holographic. Is this perhaps a reason geometry has now become sacred geometry?

The most important thing we can do in our lives at this time is to be physically fit for any new energy to easily flow through us. As we change, more change can occur. It will appear that everything around us is changing, often feeling like we are experiencing more change in one day that we previously experienced in one year. So, is time collapsing or is the reality of what we used to hold as truth collapsing? By taking care of ourselves, eating properly, resting, exercising, doing what we love to do and being in our passion, we easily move through whatever change may be happening in that moment. This is a time for exploration and discovery, for being happy and playful.

I believe this is also a time of letting go of something each one of us has carried as a template. It is the template of being serious. Just for a moment, think about what it would be like if you were doing what you loved to do, were in your passion and you felt good about the way your body looked. This does not mean you have to be any certain size. It means feeling good about yourself. The better you feel, the more you are in your passion and the more you love yourself, the more your vibration changes and information and energy can easily channel through you.

Each one of us has all the knowledge of the universe in our DNA. The real question becomes, are our bodies prepared for the increase in energy? The more information we gather, or hold in ourselves, the more challenge we may have in knowing our own truth. That might appear as a thousand ideas and yet, not one of those ideas fits into any situation or circumstance in our life. We then begin to judge our own ideas. The moment we judge something, we are taken out of the moment. It is easier to have the knowing and the wisdom and just let go of the different ideas that may keep us from our truths. Be encouraged to stay focused in your own truth, whatever that may be. Stay focused on your passion. Become the gate, the opening, the channel of wisdom and knowing which will allow you to be present in the moment.

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