by Ken Page

One thing that continues to come into focus: most metaphysical people are taught and continually asked to project energy, light, and love to all those around them. An interesting phenomenon occurs when we project anything to anybody outside of our own personal space, no matter how innocent or well meaning our original intent is. (By projection we mean any thoughts or feelings sent out to influence others, visually, mentally, or spiritually, through ideas, meditations, or prayers). All of us live with many different polarities in our third dimensional world. Sending love, for example, to someone else is complicated because, we don’t know for sure exactly what they are here to learn. We don’t know what their lessons really are, or where they are truly coming from. We might be working on humility, and they might be working on guilt, and they may need to learn things in a very different way than the way we might choose for ourselves. Whatever the case, we are doing well just to clearly understand and know these things about ourselves. All most of us know for sure is that we are working on certain lessons, we are operating with a certain perspective of love, and we have particular situations that we are doing our best to understand. As we project our version of anything, (for example, love,) to anyone else, we are then immediately drawn into an energetic exchange, triggered by the polarities and distortions either of us may have over that particular feeling, idea, or emotion. As a result, many of us begin to feel psychically beat up, or pushed around, and have no idea why.

I would like you to consider the idea of not projecting at all. Don’t send light, don’t send love, don’t send anything. Stay in your space. Pull yourself in, where you are energetically in your own physical space, while continuing to ask to ‘Be all here.’ Very few of us are here 100%, completely, totally, 100% of the time. The best and most helpful state of being, (for ourselves and others), is to be unconditional with ourselves. Have unconditional love for yourself - every aspect, whether you are tall, fat, big, or small. You will find, and it will not take very long, be it a few days, or a few weeks, that people will start treating you very differently. You will actually become unconditional love. You will be it. It seems it is not a matter what you say anymore, it is a matter of being what you are, walking your talk. If it then becomes necessary to project, (and I am not sure as human beings it is possible not to project), choose to send out, or hold a state of compassion for others. In most cases, there is no polarity attached to holding a state of compassion. As you become more and more unconditional with yourself, the balance of your beingness will radiate out through the compassion.

The next thing that I would like you to consider is to find that timeless space and state between the past and the future. That means that if you are always thinking about how you could have changed things, or done them differently, you are in the past. If you are always thinking ahead, with thoughts like ‘as soon as I get this done, then I can go do that’, then you are living in the future. The most interesting fact most of us seem to miss, when we wish to change something about our life, is that the only place any of us can really ever create is to be truly living in the moment, in the now. If we create when our focus is in the past or the future, or we are desperate, or panicked, our creations will then have distortions. Because there is no other time for us except this moment, do what you love to do, as often as you can. Do your best to create in the timeless space of the moment. When you are in this space of creation, it is the finest reflection of Source we can have. If those around you continue to trigger you or push your buttons, remember those around you usually mirror or reflect those issues you have come to learn and resolve. Use those times when you get thrown off center or off balance to go back in linear time to find and understand where that issue began. Do your best to understand the energy around the issue itself, whether it is about abandonment, self worth, trust, guilt, shame, being alone, or about power and control. Until you understand the energy around the issue itself, your subconscious will continue to create event after event, so that you can keep looking at what you have come to learn. Once we understand the issue, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, there will no longer be a charge around it. Until we realize that we have agreed to co-create these patterns of events to act as a catalyst to keep us focused on our issues, we will unknowingly continue to divert most of our creative energy into drawing such circumstances and people to us.

One of the things I am finding with most of my clients is that their kidneys, intestines, and liver are all vibrating in similar ways, based on the way they are thinking when they are eating. It is very important that you keep your thoughts clear while you are eating. If there is any conflict around you - including what you are reading, watching on TV, or how you are interacting with someone you are with, the conflict vibration will be actually absorbed into your body, right along with the food. Remember, doing what you love to do, continuing to bring your passion into every aspect of your life (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual), centering in the moment, being unconditional with yourself, and holding compassion for others, changes your life more than you can possibly imagine. When you find yourself in the moment, not projecting outwardly, but being in your own space, and expressing unconditional love for yourself, you will begin to resonate more and more of what you truly are. You will find that you can bring in many more aspects of yourself, and as you become more holographic, you become very, very powerful. You will change your vibration until you no longer vibrate with the lower polarities.
I realize that some of the things that I am suggesting to you may go against many of the things we have been taught through time. Please just consider what I have said, and try it for a short time, and see what happens. Remember, no projections at all - no projection on what you want for your kids, your partner, or even the world! Just stay in your space, loving, respecting and trying to be one with yourself. Do your best to always create in a space where you are happy and playful. If you find yourself in a spiral of emotions or confusion, do something physical - dance, play, take a walk - break that spiral, and get yourself back into a centered, balanced state.

Only create within that space. Love, accept, and honor yourself for the unique being that you are.
and, most important of all, don’t forget to PLAY

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