Becoming Spiritually Fluid
Chapter Eleven from 'The Art of Transference'

by Ken Page and Nancy Nester

Everyone has their version of the ‘way that it is’. We all find a way to define our world or reality. Once that is accomplished, we can form belief systems that will support our version of the ‘way that it is’. All of our life experiences pass through the fine mesh filters of our own beliefs to emerge on the other side as our truths.

Finding our own truth of the ‘way that it is’, can often take a lifetime. We embark on the journey of discovery and questioning: Who Am I? How did I get here? Why am I here? What is my purpose? This becomes the classic quest of our own eternal soul. And so our journey begins. The only challenge occurs when – through no fault of anyone – we question everything and everyone outside ourselves, in search of our answers. We may even think we find ‘the way that it is’ in a particular spiritual path, or different spiritual teachers. Then our belief says we have found the ‘way that it is’ and it is perfect.

That usually works – until we realize that we are still searching, still finding something not complete. We begin to question our path, our teachers, and everything else in our lives – only to remain questioning our own questions.

Once we discover that we are unable to find the answers outside of ourselves, we can begin to create a reality that works. This can become the framework of our conscious mind. We will perfect this ‘way that it is’ to make sure that everything fits, that all our questions are answered and that our life seems to work. We relax, feel secure in this reality and just know that we have this whole thing called ‘LIFE’ figured out. Now we have arrived – we can feel in control of ourselves and proud of our accomplishments. This is a very good point to begin.

However, if we become attached to the ‘way that it is’, we can become rigid in our own thoughts and ideas. Rather than feeling free and liberated, we become trapped in self-righteousness and spiritual arrogance. If this occurs, it may be quite awhile before we realize that we are not experiencing any new growth, new insights, new creations – we are stuck in the reality of our fixed self. The reality of this new life circumstance then begins our search for the space of knowing and not knowing – the simultaneous existence of being in the moment and remaining flexible for change and choice. When this happens, we are reminded to become spiritually fluid.

We can not begin our experience on this planet to grow, expand into the vastness of our soul’s vision, discover who we are as multidimensional Divine beings, and use that discovery to serve our planet and its’ inhabitants until we become fluid. After all, how can we remain in the old version of the ‘way that it is’ when everything around us is constantly changing and moving ? And – how do we recognize that we are stuck ? The first indicator comes when we find we have a need to be right. Being right has been important in some arenas, because it ensures us a position of power and approval. The need for approval - based on some of our old programs - translates to our feeling accepted and loved; which in turn means that we are not alone. This is how important being right can be for some. This is also how we can get stuck in the energy of our old ‘way’.

The second issue for us is our need to stay in control. We will use control to create a predictable life with no surprises or negative unknowns. It goes hand in hand with the need to be right, both producing a sense of power and security. We will know that we are stuck in our ‘way that it is’, when we have the need to prove or justify our truth. The key word is, need. We will find ourselves defending our thoughts and position around our beliefs. We may become frustrated or angry when someone doesn’t understand us. We then feel unsupported, which makes us react even more.
If we are attached to our beliefs and truths, seeing them as the only ‘way that it is’, we will limit the infinite possibilities that can come to us and therefore limit our experience. Moving past the need to be at the center of our own universe, we discover the balance between knowing and not knowing, which allows us to be spirituality fluid.

There are ways to finding this balance. We can begin by cultivating compassion. Everyone has their version of the ‘way that it is’ and for many people, they have needed it just to survive. We can have unconditional compassion for where they are, for their own creations. They are Creators, just like us.

One of the easiest ways to finding our balance and to maintain a clearer vibration is to think of ourselves as Liquid Light. Remember, water does not stop its movement or flow. Even when faced with a boulder in the river, water goes over or around the obstacle without hesitation. As the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto has proven, our thoughts, emotions, feelings, or ideas have a resultant effect on the structure of water. As our bodies are mostly water, liquid vibration, our multidimensional cells are directly affected by our thoughts, emotions, feelings and ideas. Liquid Light is the same feeling that one feels when they connect with Spirit.

First, we experience ourselves as Liquid Light, fluid and adaptable. Then we can add a color to that light, (a color that represents what we feel is our essence). By thinking of ourselves as Liquid Light combined with our chosen spiritual color, we can change how we perceive ourselves and the ways in which others also perceive us. In this way, we can begin unconditional acceptance of ourselves – compassion for self. That is the direct compass towards the unconditional love needed for true healing and pure creative vulnerability.

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