Using the Techniques of Heart & Soul Healing to Change Your Reality and Your Life

Within the spiritual community, much of the current focus seems to be on the process of Ascension, bridging to other worlds of reality, and becoming aware of our Extraterrestrial Connections. One way to connect with all three is to access the 'timeless space'. It's available for everyone, and it can be experienced by all of us as we stay in the moment. When you are in the moment, it becomes timeless. In this place, you can start to access other parts of your reality.

By focusing and existing in the now, we can actually access all that is! One thing that many people tell me is that they wish to bring their power 'in', learn how to get out of the body, or connect with their space brothers, (who are somewhere out 'there'), when all of everything is actually here now, available, and present in the moment-you don't have to go anywhere to just be.

What if the process and ability of Ascension is actually a process of 'INscension'? As we commit to be fully here, fully present, with all of our essence, we can access who we truly are. About fifty percent of the people we work with will shift into another, completely different reality, where they will find themselves on a space ship, or other planet, or space, and become consciously aware of doing that. It's my belief that all of us co-exist throughout many dimensions simultaneously, and all of us have affiliations and aspects with what many would term 'space groups.'

As all of us can simply BE, we may reach the 'end of time' that so many of us have heard about, or have been waiting for. Maybe, the 'end of time,' as we know it, is simply moving into the timeless state of the now, and simply being. When you are in the moment, you are timeless.

By choosing a new idea about 'Now,' we can create a new reality, not bound, limited, or restricted by others. If we are in the moment, we can let go of what was, and in fact can create what never has been. As soon as you let go of your ideas, memories, and imprints about what was, you access what is, along with all that is.

The moment is not a place, it is a holographic state of beingness. It's in this state of being that we can create what we truly wish, without distortion. The moment, being timeless, is unlimited. In this state and space, we are all things, with all our aspects, qualities, abilities, and beingness available to us. We don't have to "go anywhere" to experience all there is-we just simply have to be.

Allow yourself to just simply be who you already are. In the process of accessing what is, we need to be fully and passionately present in mind, body, and spirit. If our mind is continually roaming around in the past or the future, we are not fully present mentally. If we ignore, resent, or fail to honor and respect our bodies, we are not fully present physically. If we fail to take full responsibility for our lives and our actions as direct creations of our own Higher Self and spirit, we are not fully present spiritually. Perhaps it will be our total commitment to being here, being responsible creators, and being willingly and fully in our body that will provide the 'undoing' of time, and the accessing of all dimensions and spaces. Perhaps it will be the act of being present in mind, body, and spirit, right where we are, in the 'Now,' that will lead us into true physical immortality.

So here is the good news and the bad news, all rolled up into one. We don't have to ascend, wish we could be out of the body, or actually go anywhere to reach timelessness, we simply have to BE, and BE ourselves.

Perhaps, along with any 'spring cleaning' this year, just make yourself aware of your 'unfinished business', and then just do your best to stay in the moment, be yourself, do what you truly enjoy and want to do, as often as you can. Beginning now, with this very moment, make time for YOURSELF, and then be in it, BEING yourself. Now is the only place you can ever really BE anyway. Be fully present. Become the moment, don't just be in it, become it- be yourself, be NOW.


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