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Mission Statement:

"The purpose of the Heart & Soul Healing intensive program is to share information gathered from thousands of individuals around the world by creating a safe place within which you can move into greater awareness and balance. Join us as we share the wisdom of the Third Eye of Horus Mystery School, information from the Teachings of the Red School and our awareness of the energetic shifts happening in our world today. Become a conscious creator of your future.

We feel this is the most comprehensive course being offered today which deals with real-life and the dynamics that each of us must balance within our own world."

The philosophy behind Heart & Soul Healing is to focus awareness onto subconscious programs or counterproductive patterns based upon the ideas, judgments, thoughts and beliefs from what you have been told, what you have read and how your emotional needs were met (or not...) throughout all your past experiences. You will discover that what you think is real may be only an illusion - standing in the way of your ability to recognize your life choices and opportunities.

You have far more power over your future than you may realize. We strongly believe that everyone comes to earth with assets and gifts that supply them with everything needed to succeed in life. Many individuals have not yet discovered how to access these gifts. Are you ready to make time for the discovery of your own fulfillment? This intensive course importantly exposes you to the depths of yourself; guides you to the amazing person you truly are and assists you to discover, tap into and activate places within yourself that you never realized were there.

Ever wonder why you only get 'just so close' to what you want to create/accomplish and then you explode or implode? An advanced teaching is now included in this Intensive Course. NEW insights and NEW information concerning the Dark-Hidden Void of the Soulâ„¢. All new specifics on the hidden side of the soul, also known as the dark night of the soul. This side of the soul is the Void, continuing to create and re-create patterns/lessons in life. This information is perhaps thousands of years old; yet has not been taught anywhere.

Emotional experiences we have had in our lives shape the way we think, feel and relate to our world. Whether we are aware of it or not, the strong influence of our past learning impacts our adult sense of self more than we understand. If we have been involved in our own world for the years of our life, how do we know whether the emotions we have are even ours? Do they belong to others in our past?

Subconscious programs and patterns can be released; negative conditioning can be revealed to allow you to discover the next best action along your own journey. You really can make the changes you want.

For more than thirty years, the Institute of Multidimensional Cellular Healing has provided opportunities for adults and children alike who are looking for transformational change in their lives.

Are You Ready?

In this nine-day intensive, each participant has a level of privacy and confidentiality to do their own work while still being part of a group learning process.

This course is held at many locations throughout the world. See the Calendar of Events for those course dates. At Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Centre's retreat facility in the mountains of Northeast Georgia, all your needs are met. Regardless of where you attend this extraordinary course, be assured that your personal growth and learning will be ensured and you will be inspired to make powerful, personal change.

Ken Page and Rev. Dr. Nancy Nester will address all dimensional aspects of your being: physical, spiritual, emotional and mental. Bringing together these levels of yourself will create integration with the powerful understanding and awareness of what we callOneness. This creates the groundwork for you to become a more loving, mature and creative individual, living a life in balance.

An experiential intensive course designed to assist participants in becoming conscious creators. Stop creating by default.

What 'The Secret' does not tell you:
Until subconscious programs are identified and released, we continue to create by default and not by conscious choice. Join us for the soul's journey into yourself to discover and recognize why you are here now, what you came to do and how you have the ability to access your full potential.

For those of you already in the healing arts, we offer a specialization that builds upon previously acquired skills and provides the practitioner with deeper and more powerful ways to work with clients!

Technology for Our Time -
An Explanation of Heart & Soul Healing

The entire 9 day program is not just for the individual who wishes to become a Heart & Soul Practitioner, this enlightenment training will create a paradigm shift in your consciousness - awakening the knowing within and reminding you of your innate creative abilities.


(if you have a group in the US or in any other country, and would like this intensive course in your area, please contact us direct)

Cleveland, Northeast Georgia Mountains, USA

October 20-28, 2018

Pre-Requisites for Attending the Intensive Course

Tuition and Expenses


*Strictly Limited to the first ten (10) students who apply*

If you are interested in attending, please carefully review the course pre-requisites and then contact us as soon as possible.

NOTE: all participants must meet course eligibility requirements.



Over the years of working in the healing arts, we have found that our bodies are "imprinted" with billions of energetic patterns. These patterns are the thoughts, feelings and emotions stuck or trapped by past times and memories.

You are the present-day result of all the emotions, thoughts, ideas, judgments and life experiences of your parents, their parents and their parents - your siblings, teachers, friends, lovers, partners, co-workers etc.

Do you even know who you really are? Whose thoughts are you thinking? Whose feelings are you feeling? Yours or someone elses? Or are your emotions inheirited from your past experiences? How do you unlock these patterns spread over time, which could include past lives, other dimensions and past experiences? The Institute of Multidimensional Cellular Healing was founded to provide an opportunity for everyone to energetically expand their own awarenss and stop creating by default.

During these Intensive Courses, you will be provided with the very latest of information on the subtle shifts of energy and consciousness, your role in the Global Mind; the daily role of energy in your life; AND our newest work to be shared from our book: 'The Art of Transference - Healing through Compassion'; using a type of prana/qi/chi energy for the healing of yourself and others. This new technique uses a unique method of breathwork that clears externally in addition to our other techniques for clearing energetics internally !!

Nothing will be withheld - you will receive all of the wisdom from the Teachings of the Red School and the Third Eye of Horus Mystery school, together with Ken's knowledge and experiences over 25 years helping millions of individuals around the planet through Heart & Soul Healing.

You will also receive insights from Rev. Dr. Nancy Nester's awareness, based on nearly 40 years of learning and working in the metaphysical and spiritual fields, her teaching and counseling experiences and the communication skills earned within the business and corporate environment.

This intensive course draws on the coaching skills of Ken and Nancy and the documented transformations of others. You will find the self-awareness, wisdom, peace and personal self-empowerment to successfully manage your day to day living.

More than just the growing of yourself as a spiritual being, you will also learn to:

*respond (rather than react) to life challenges thereby reducing stress and anxiety
*learn to trust yourself without the need for reliance on others
*become confident about your influence on family, friends and co-workers
*balance your emotional attitudes by releasing control of outside situations
*develop your own personal vision
*become an inspiration for others
*expand your self-healing abilities
*learn to help others heal themselves

Are you ready to release your past? Come and learn new information containing the key element to healing your karma from all past time.

The purpose of the Course is simple. Using the building blocks of the ways our brain receives and translates information, combined with a discussion about basic energetics and how energy works in our third dimensional world, course attendees are able to build a solid platform to understand the manner in which individual healing originates. Course participants have experienced profound results from both Ken and Nancy's healing abilities.

Testimonials about the Intensive and Training Courses and

Testimonials about Ken and Nancy's healing work

The information provided to all course participants was drawn from direct experience with thousands of clients who told very similar stories, no matter where in the world they were living. Everything Ken and Nancy have learned will be presented in clear cut and simple terms, so that each student will understand the true essence of the information.

If we are to believe the reports of their clients, both during a session and after working with Ken or Nancy, the "basics" of life are really very easy: We are here to know ourselves, to BE ourselves, to understand what we are creating, to move into Creatorship, and to have fun and enjoy our process as much as we possibly can.

It is in the understanding of the basics of life that we feel Heart & Soul Healing can provide the greatest benefit. Once we all understand what we are doing and creating, we can move out of our position as "human doings" and into "human beings." To accomplish this movement for ourselves, we merely expand our awareness on all levels: mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. By showing the participants through daily experience and demonstrations of accessing their own Higher Self, the merging of Oneness occurs and the physical manifestation is realized. We expand the dimensions of our awareness in a way we can understand and use in our daily life. This process bridges all layers of our being, right down to our cellular level, the level which carries in its encoding everything about us, our mission, our purpose, our past and our future. Healing occurs when we receive complete understanding about the "whys" in our life.

Ken and Nancy welcome you to these unique intensive and experiencing courses and training programs. We invite you to share in a process of awakening, learning and discovery. The ideas you will receive may be the very keys you need to unlock the questions you've been asking about your life. We feel the Heart & Soul 9-Day Intensive Course offers the most comprehensive information on Oneness and the energies of the Collective Consciousness that exist on the planet today.


Heart & Soul Healing Intensive and
Training Program Overview

The Heart & Soul Course expand your knowledge and expertise in this growing field of Holistic and Whole Person Health Care, as well as challenges and advances your own timeless awareness of your personal journey and unique purpose for BEing. This knowledge is vital to the individual living within the New Paradigm and seeking Oneness..

About the Course:
The 9-day Course is an Intensive experiential program. It is also a Practitioner Training Course for those individuals who are interested in becoming Certified Heart & Soul Practitioners. These courses are offered during the year in the Northeast Georgia mountains, and - on a very limited basis - in other locations around the world.

Anyone may attend the 9-day Intensive for self enrichment without the necessity of completing the practicum or even becoming a practitioner.

The entire 9 day program is not just for the individual who wishes to become a Heart & Soul Practitioner, this enlightenment training will create a paradigm shift in your consciousness - awakening the knowing within and reminding you of your innate creative abilities.

Application/Sign-up form for Courses

Course Requirements

Tuition and Expenses

Class size requirement at our Georgia facility: 6 or more students. If you have a group of 10 or more and would like us to travel to your area, please contact us.

All course participants will be provided a 501 (c) (3) tax deductible receipt for all tuition expenses. All major credit cards are accepted.

Included in this experiential course are the following techniques
for personal clearing and balancing:

  • Safely Opening and Centering in your Heart
  • Energetic scanning of the body's electrical field (both human and animal)
  • Creating empathic connections
  • Clairvoyant listening
  • Integration and realignment of unique individualized male/female templates from the Universal Self
  • Hypnotic and holographic trance states and altered states of awareness
  • Chakra clearing and balancing
  • Techniques to energetically clear neural pathways in the brain
  • Activation of will, power, control and complete awareness of the physical body
  • Activation of additional pathways of awareness in the brain
  • Complete return of the Universal Self to the base chakra of the physical body
  • Activation of the pineal to unify all chakras and heal your DNA
  • Clearance of the chakra prisms of energy from time bound overlays, as well as residue left by repeated "dusting" of energetic patterns of interaction
  • Balanced location, maintenance and use of the Source vibration to create in the third dimensional world
  • Use of the energy of the moment to expand holographically

  • The last 3-days of the course also provides step by step process of Heart & Soul Healing-The Art of Transference - together with volunteer clients and practical hands-on working sessions - the practicum - for those individuals wishing to become certified practitioners.
  • Additional Topics covered include:

  • Physical disabilities and illness
  • Life purpose and spiritual mission
  • Phobias
  • Past life and current life regression
  • Demonic networks
  • Holographic and angelic realities
  • Ego challenges and blocks
  • Rebirthing techniques
  • Abuse patterns
  • ET interference and implant removal
  • Addictions
  • Depossessions and hauntings
  • Witchcraft, voodoo, curses and spells
  • The Heart & Soul Healing Intensive course is designed to clear and balance, learn, understand, and practice many types of energetic healing techniques.

    Heart & Soul Healing is a tremendously powerful healing process that incorporates the empathic awareness of energetic blocks, thought forms, and past life patterns efficiently and easily through the client's deep, altered, and heightened state of awareness.

    Join Us In These Most Powerful Personal Experiences.

    "As healers, it is our goal to give people back the tools of self-empowerment
    to find their own answers within""..
    Ken Page & Nancy Nester

    Some of our 9-Day Course Photographs:

    Application/Sign-up form for Courses

    Course Requirements

    Tuition and Expenses