The Void

Dualities, such as love and hate, are collapsing and dissolving. The collective consciousness, which feeds on these dualities, is also starting to collapse. Everything is changing, evolving, and moving toward the Center, the Clear Light Center, where all dualities balance.

As dualities collapse, so do our realities. The collapse of dualities makes life appear to be going faster. These changes create pressure on us, our lives, and on the Earth. As dualities collapse we are being pushed into another vibrational space -- the Void.

The Void is around us all the time and has many color stages. Some perceive the first stage when their space turns a golden hue. The gold vibration then becomes orange, then burnt umber, and finally a transparent black. The Void is easy to see at night. Some see a translucent black mist when they wake up at night, still half-asleep and groggy. This is the Void.

The Void is the gate between this reality and the next dimension, a dimension of instantaneous creation. We are constantly testing ourselves to see if we are ready to shift and change vibration. Because this shift is so important, our collective consciousness has created a test a thousand times more intense than any of our other tests. This test determines if we have mastered all of our issues and are ready to shift dimensions. To pass through the Void we must face our worst fears.

What would facing your fears feel like? Imagine standing in front of a gigantic black mirror. You are afraid. Your fears, the remaining issues that you have, are reflected in the mirror, amplified a thousand times. Would you be able to walk through this reflection? Could you even run the other way now that the collective consciousness and Earthly dualities have changed? What if you were to feel unconditional love for yourself and amplify that feeling a thousand times? Is this what the Creator feels like?


The Void reflects all distortions in our lives. Besides our fears, lying is also a main cause of distortion. A recent study of college students at the University of Virginia revealed that lying seems to be a way of life for many people. The results showed the students told lies in seventy-seven percent of all conversations with strangers, forty-eight percent with acquaintances, and twenty-eight percent with their best friends. They lied to their lovers thirty-four percent of the time. Lies to Mom came in at forty-six percent. This included small lies told to protect other people's feelings. We can see how easy it is to get confused about our own truth.

A survey of one thousand adults reported in The Day America Told the Truth, found ninety-one percent lie routinely and fifty-nine percent admitted lying regularly to their kids. In a survey published in the April 4, 1997 edition of USA Today, forty-eight percent of workers admitted to unethical or illegal acts in the workplace.

The average person lies twice a day. With each lie we create a barrier making it more difficult to know our truth. This in turn disconnects us from our ability to tap in on our psychic senses and causes distortion in our connection to our Creator.

In Marlo Morgan's book, Mutant Message, the aborigines say one of the most important prerequisites to having a clear mind and using all our psychic abilities is to always be truthful. When we lie, according to the aborigines, we cover our true feelings. We hide our truth so the other person will not know we are lying. Does hiding our true feelings from others also hide them from ourselves and separate us from the Creator?

Lying confuses us and distorts our perceptions of reality. Lying causes us to distrust our own feelings, creating separation and miscommunication with our Higher Self. One of the requirements of mastering unconditional love for ourselves and all creation is to be honest.

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