Facing Your Worst Fears

It is easy to underestimate the importance of examining our fears. One of our greatest achievements may be to turn our greatest fears into our greatest strengths. Our inner mind is well aware of this and if approached in the right way, it does all it can to assist us in gaining clarity and understanding. The very process of achieving clarity and understanding turns all of us into unlimited beings.

Any fear we have and do not explore or understand takes our energy and drains our life force. Ironically enough, our greatest fears are usually what we have come here to teach. If we look back on our lives, we are usually sent, or find ourselves, precisely where we fear the most, for it is there we become stronger. We can only be as strong as our biggest weakness, our fear.

By doing what we fear the most, we accelerate our growth. For example, our fear of death may be a fear of life or living. Our fear of abandonment or separation is sometimes a fear of being able to trust ourselves to let of go what is known and comfortable. Examples could go on and on, yet the important point is that when we discover what lies behind our fears, our truth and understanding sets us free. If we face our worst fear, then we can do anything! Strange as it might seem, perhaps doubt and disbelief are only tools we use to understand ourselves better.

By being open to facing our greatest fears and our own personal doubts and questions, we gain the greatest amount of personal understanding and this journey is what we can teach and share with others. This is a path all of us can take. All we have to do is to examine the very things we fear the most. By addressing, understanding and converting the energy we put into keeping our worst fears at bay, we change our life. Truthfully, if we had to, most of us could write volumes on whatever focus we have given hours and hours of our life to understanding, such as guilt, shame or loneliness. All of us would be a master at anything we have given so much of our time and focus to.


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