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August 2019

The Way It Works

August 2019 News:

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Did you know that the latest edition of 'The Way It Works' is free for you to read? Download it to your favorite digital device so you can read offline. NEW chapter about the 'Dark Night-Hidden Side-of the Soul' included in this book!

And - the latest YouTube Video is called 'The Way It Works'.
Ken walks you through many of the questions found in the book - such as:

'Why Am I Here On Earth?'
'How Can I Heal My Past?'
'How Do I Love Myself More?'
'Why is Receiving So Hard?'
'How much of my subconscious mind is keeping me out of love, based on my past experiences of love?' and:
'Why do I hide so no one else really knows 'who' I am?'.
By hiding, we are keeping ourselves from our own Power and from the fullness of Love.

Watch the Video and discover your first four (4) brain states. Unless we heal these - we can not access the higher brain states.

This video also holds information about understanding our past - the very DNA inside our body could give us an awareness about our own emotions, traits and habits.

All four (4) of the clearing techniques written in the book are also demonstrated on the YouTube channel. Ken assists you in understanding each technique. Just scroll through the channel to find the four videos labeled 'technique'.

There are 37 videos on the YouTube Channel, covering many different topics.

If you would like even MORE details about 'The Way It Works', Our FREE Radio Show has a full year of audio discussion - on every chapter of the book. Download and launch the media player so you can listen anytime!

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Ken and Nancy

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