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August News:

Future Online Webinars

August 2017:

As you know, we produced the first Heart & Soul Healing online webinar: 'Evolution of the Soul'. Many of you were present at the free introductory talk.

Not all of you registered for the actual 6-week webinar and we are curious as to why not – and wondering how we can make future webinars that you might like to attend. Since we know you...and you know us...we feel comfortable asking you a few questions:

Q:  What subjects/topics would you like to see covered?

Q:  How long a time frame would you like for future webinars?  More hours over a shorter time?  Same hours over a longer time?

Q:  Every area of the world is different and pricing for future webinars must be considered.  What do you feel is fair for a webinar that was 1½ hours for each week over 6 weeks?  And what do you feel would be fair for a webinar that might be longer hours each time? 

One thing we found out after that first introductory talk:  we were nervous! Talking to just a camera in a very large conference room was challenging!

For the actual event, we moved to a smaller room where it was just us – Ken before the camera and Nancy at the computer – a much easier setting.  That surely made Ken more comfortable without having a live audience!  The webinar attendees gave great feedback so we know that needed information was provided.  We also have realized that it is so much better when we know what challenges are going on in your life – before even starting the first class.

If you have been with us before, we want to let you know that Heart & Soul Healing continues to change and expand.  It has to nearly completely change to keep up with our world and the energy moving so quickly. Ken just received the results of his DNA heritage profile.  ‘This provided me with even more information on why I created the things I have in my life and gave me such an expansive picture of my own past and the past of everyone else." This too helps us assist your healing process in a more profound way.

Many individuals are fearful and/or anxious about working with energy.  We have found ways to keep everyone safe and feel confident about helping others release the emotional dynamics in their lives.  We are now working in a different way and with subtle energies far greater than we ever knew were conceivable or felt were possible in the past.

Thank you for being interested in Heart & Soul Healing.  We hope you can take a moment of your time to write us a short email in reply to our questions.  We also look forward to seeing all of you again.


Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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Stay in touch, as we are also working on bringing the recorded 'Evolution of the Soul' webinar as a 'pay per view' item for $188.00. More details to follow.


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